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  1. The thing is, for me, it takes a long time to save, thus making it even more of a pain to save.
  2. OH GOSH NO! Google Translate fails. Don't use it. It's going to take a Japanese professional to translate this... Anyway, this is a pretty great plug-in. Though I haven't experimented with it yet...
  3. How do you make a Orb? The Eclipse tool, or something else?
  4. It's still a hassle to close it and open it again... And it's not a very good method...
  5. Looks like you used some cloud effects, glowing effects, and some other stuff (Not sure what else). The best I can guess.
  6. I was quiet surprised when I saw that there wasn't a "Save All" option. I'll mass edit sometimes, and it's a pain to save each and every one manually, so it would be a good idea to put a "Save All" option in Paint.NET.
  7. (I looked in all the tutorial and the help forums, but I found nothing on doing a shift effect on a image [What I mean by shifting is taking the end of a picture and putting it on the beginning, also advancing the rest of the picture forward without losing anything from the picture]) I looked in all the tools, and found nothing. But even smaller image editors have the option to shift. Does anyone know where I can find this tool?
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