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  1. hi


    tried this but doesn't work for me. there is TR's Monolitic one can apply to text box.

    did your effect work with image, text or selection only. i've tried on image, logo, text and selection with no result on PDN 4.2.1 and win X build 1903

  2. what is the difference between color clearer and reverse blend set to average color; i've tried and got the same things with the picture of spider.

    on the other hand on the bomber i've applied manual color correction and then magic wand with first tolerance to 0 to get fine outline and 16 to achieve a good result;

    better than with anything else. the two pictures got non uniform blue color backgrounds.




  3. Hi


    I am looking for an air brush tool and your collection looks like it might have that.


    I have PaintNet 4/Windows 10 so I think your plugin should work. I have put all the files in the effects subfolder and when i start PaintNet the tools show up on the  effects menu. I create an image but when I open the Custom Brushes tool I get a blank screen and an empty brush palette on the right. When I click Add Brushes I simply cannot find any brushes to uses.


    What am I doing wrong?


    Thanks for any help and advice

    try to check-> my documents - my paint.net files - custom brushes. brushes had to be placed here or search for my paint.net files for a customised location.

    i guess the location in my docs is the mandatory place to be.

  4. hi,


    i guess bevel is a native effect (not the bevel object) and now its crashing. the last time i used it last beta 4.

    i don't give a damn since it's not photoshop feature like and i'm just following PDN progress; but i would like you to know

    best regards



  5. yes the image is divided, with jpg top left seams to be the original image with no transform, with png top left seams to be the image mixed with transformations layers,

    i've tested on an icon for png, since i've my bank stocked on another harddisk

    If i catch your meaning the image will be transformed applying 3 filters, each one on a layer, and the result is supposed to be a mix with the original and the transform layers

    but actually the result is tiles with each layer side by side.


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