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  1. I'll enter against you, Heat Stroke I made another one, with many variations on Pyrochilds tut. I like it much better. Still simple, but getting better :)
  2. Well, I understand about the shading, but I did that planet 100% Paint.Net, and at the last part, I couldn't figure out how to do it, so I put the rays in using Photoshop That's just till I figure out how to make them myself:) Should I post that by the picture? By the Way, I'll work on figuring out how to do the rays, and if I figure it out, I'll make a tut
  3. Thanks, Pyrochild! I was surprised at how easy it was! Here's mine. I used Harrington Font - 72
  4. Thanks, Crisco -Heatstroke, I see it now! Thanks
  5. Very cool sig, Stone! I really like the colors. You did a nice job!
  6. Here's a couple that I did. But I don't know why you say beginners can't do it! I consider myself a beginner, and I got through it just fine. But maybe that's because I've worked with Photoshop Elements for 2 years. Thank you for a very cool tut!
  7. Thank you, WelshBlue! I don't know what's wrong with them! I can see them fine
  8. Thanks, Barbie I don't know why the images aren't working. I can see them fine Well, maybe they will work next time!
  9. Nice Job, Gekkoutora23 It looks great. Thank you, EER, I understand that. I think I read the rules about 4 times, but,I guess I still forgot some. I'll try to do better next time! Thanks. Thank you, Tiharo
  10. OK, I think I did this wrong before, so I'll try again. I'd like to battle with this one, I know it's simple, but, hey, I've got to start sometime!
  11. OK, I'm going to try a simple Sig tutorial. It's really easy, and all you need, as far as plugins are: Lightning ( by Cookies), and Color Zoom Blur, What you should end up with is this (or something like it) : I know, it's nothing impressive, but I figured it out on my own, and it's a lot of fun 1. Open a new file and make it the size that you want for a proper sig. I used 450x150. 2. Fill your background with black, and run Effects>Render>Lightning. Set the Roughness to: 0, the Scale to around 90, and the Gradient Width to about 300. 3. Go to Adjustments>Curves, and play with the RGB until you get something you like. 4. Make a new layer, and add text. Set the size to what ever looks good with the size sig you've got. I used 36. (I also used the Good Times font from www.1001fonts.com) 5. Center the text, and make the color one that looks good with your background. 6. Now duplicate the text layer, and on the bottom text layer run Effects: Blurs: Color Zoom Blur 7. Play with the color amounts, but be sure to make the spread pretty big. Set the Row Quality to 7. (Optional: Change the blend mode of the top layer to:Additive) That's it! Your're all done. Now, this is a pretty flexible tutorial, so feel free to make plenty of changes in your version. Hope it works for you! Enjoy, and thanks for reading!
  12. Thank you, Heat Stroke Glad you like them!
  13. Heat Stroke: 2 Cortez: 0 I like Heat Stroke's because the purple goes really well with the black, and I love the motion implied.
  14. Well, I'm always making new backgrounds, but here is one that I did recently.
  15. Like I've said several times, I'm just beginning to get the hang of this, so bear with me. However, that does not mean I don't want comments. I do. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I might have done better, I welcome it! So, I won't take anymore of your time, reading my introduction Thanks for looking! General Creations Yes. I used a tutorial. 100% Paint.Net - No tuts used. I did use sort of a technique - but no full things.. I like it, but it needs more shading *note: this picture is Paint.net Except for the light rays. But, I'm working on how to do that too. Text Creations Sigs Thanks! I only have a few right now, but hopefully, I'll have more soon!
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