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  1. I don't expect anything. And to the ridiculously unwarranted arrogance of the moderator, keep it locked, I actually prefer it. The attitude was the POINT of the post, how could that not be obvious? I wasn't ASKING for something to be done about it, wtf would the point of that be? You pathetic mods, here, on this site, specifically, have some INSANE feeling of their being a heirarchy, here, when it comes to thoughts, opinions, and attitudes. Your attempts to condescend are hilarious. Your little virtual universe, this forum seems to be, to you all. And you the lords. HA. Truly clowns, the ones of which I speak. It seems you have gotten it from your delusional boss, who thinks he is some type of coding god. Look buddy, you made a quaint little freeware image editor, great for beginners. It isnt as if you designed Splinter, your arrogance is WAY overstuffed. It should be dropped nine notches from its current location. And to the winner that created THIS thread, HA.... hahahaha.....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. YOU are just too funny. WAY too much time, WAY too little to do, in the non getpaint.net forum world.
  2. `So you removed the ability to use the right click for rotating objects, a very useful and comfortable "feature", far better than proximity rotation, and replaced that right click button with nothing. Brilliant
  3. CLEARLY, I DID accept it, didn't I? Would be a shame if "this is not going to happen" includes recovery of data. Would not be a wise decision, I think, but whatever And then I gave MY opinion on the matter. You people have a very bad habit of fabricating what is posted, don't you? Just throwing words around as if they are meaningless. Listen, buttercup, you are the mod of an art forum, not a district judge deciding case law. Your opinion of my opinion is completely irrelevant and a waste of my time
  4. You have no idea who I am or what I do. Simply saying,. "just change your workflow", without any insight into "who or what", is foolish, at best, and flat out ridiculous, in this case. And what will not happen? Just the batch save or the file and imagery recovery from crashes, as well? Would be a shame if "this is not going to happen" includes reovery of data. Would not be a wise decision, I think, but whatever. I realize that it isn't just a few lines of code needed, I, too, have yet to implement this into my own software. But I will, eventually, because commercial projects created with it shouldn't be squashed from existence from a crash, if they don't have to be. As should EVERY software designed to house the foundation of a media presentation, period. When you are developing software that people use for their livelyhood, in one way or another, assuring safety of project data should always be on the table and in the mind. Irrelevant if the software is free. And "crazy" feature? What is crazy is that you think that this REQUEST (where the f did I demand anything????) is "crazy"
  5. AND/OR a open tab recovery cache or way to extract the images that get lost during a crash of PDN. Number two on my list behind your fantastic new layer functionality that I had been dreaming about for three years. I NEVER close PDN. The ONLY time it closes is once every week or two when the 20, 30, 50 tabs that I have open, finally overwhelm my system. I bounce back and forth so much that there is no way to continuously save them as I make changes cause it would jack up my workflow by taking up too much time. No way around it, this is just how I work. It would be lovely if PDN was able to, similar to After Effects, popup an error box saying it was about to crash and did 'you" want to save the session. Especially, now, with 4, as while it is a super duper version upgrade, the crashes were daily, with me, and I couldn't keep losing that much data. Sophie's choice, for me. The old layer window or daily crashes. More or less, these are the only two complaints that I have had, in thousands of hours, about PDN. You handled the layer window issue brilliantly, hope you can, someday, manage this, too. (oh and my other previous request, every possible mouse initiated layer window action in the form of a keyboard shortcut, as well...) I've been a good boy, this is all I want for Xmas, thanks.
  6. EVERYTHING that can be done in the new layer window, placed as a keyboard shortcut, including moving layers and switching between layers (like a CTL+arrow key and/or SHIFT+arrow). MOST can be done, but the ones that cannot, "should'. Also, when scrolling through fonts for an open text layer, the font window taking on the letters in the text that is typed, so it can be seen in the window without having to scroll all the way through them all to find one that 'you" want to use. I didn't see an open thread for this topic. If there is one, please move this there, thanks.
  7. Thank you, Helen. I didn't create any of the raw imagery, though. I just altered the imagery and placed into the splinterface.
  8. Shushin Edition Splinter screenshot Named due to me having the "shhh" episode of Always Sunny on, in the background while beginning it. This is both a RM port of imagery into Splinter as well as running RM within the splinterface. I will release two versions. One with RM, other without. This imager show both builds. The solo Splinter one is on top. The one below is, both, Splinter and Rainmeter. I will release this and several other splinterface this weekend.
  9. Huh. I wasn't. It was the feather tool. The editable text effect works without crashing pdn. Is there a list forming, yet, of the effects/adjustments that crash this alpha release? I had to slide back to 3.5 and the dreaded layer window due to the fear of random crashes and not being able to properly edit the images with effects. Thanks. And, Rick, my bad,. I ditn't even realize you were the developer. For some reason I always thought that this was open source and many developers were writing it. Makes more sense, now, that it is just one guy. I have been using pdn for at least four hours a day for four years, now. Crazy time all added up.. Good work. Great software. Kept me hooked.
  10. What "settings/preferences"? I don't recall ever seeing a settings or preferences windows in pdn. If you mean that by last configuration used when you closed the app last, that still isn't working. I almost never had to manually select 32bit on 3.5. I have saved thousands of png files and this is something that really really slows down the process without being able to CTL+shift+S, name file, then tap Enter key rapidly until it goes through and saves. Now I have to pause and manually select it. I have to do it, literally, every time. i very often have dozens of images that I edit and then leave open until i am ready to save them all. I just use keyboard shortcuts and rapidly close them all out. This halts that practice. I have closed pdn and re-opened and still nothing. It definitely is SOME type of bug, unless the functionality was written out of this build, which I doubt. Either way, can you tell me how to "configure" it? (I'[m telling you, I have never seen a conf------oh, wait, is it in an ini file or something?) Thanks. Anyway, regardless of little issues, this build fn rocks, big time. You guys kicked arse. WAY improved. The magic wand, while having some issues right now, I can totally tell is vastly superior. The layer window has become NOT my most hated component to any software, anywhere, anymore, but one that is now a pleasantry. No bug could ever be as big or as scary as the layer window used to be. Overall speed is greatly improved too. Much quicker response.. Not sure about the proximity rotation aspect instead of right click but never know. All in all, so far, this is about the single best feature and function upgrade I have ever seen with the new build of a program. And it is still alpha.
  11. BUG---- magic wand does not capture a drop shadow, even at only 2% tolerance.
  12. Bug? Arrow keys no longer function when trying to "drag"/move a layer in a selection box. EDIT----Bug - No longer defaults to 32bit when saving .png files Bug--- when pressing CTL+W wo close an open window, half the time it just closes the layer and leaves the image window open EDIT---CRASH on "Color Match"- Went to adjustments, clicked color match. the window came up and when I clicked browse it crashed. Log is attached PDN_CRASHLOG_2.txt
  13. Bug- Unable to drop a png file onto a window and "add layer". When I click it it does nothing. No image placed. Also, the selection box stays orbiting another image layer. EDIT---- think I figured it out. It only won't add the image layer if there is a selection box already open. I closed it and now it will allow the layer to be added.
  14. Just did it again. So, I simply used the magic wand to highlight the area I did not want to work with, inverted the selection to only have it surrounding the image I wanted to feather, went to effects, selection, feather. And as soon as I attempt to adjust the feather strength, it crashes. If I do not attempt to change it, but only hit "okay", it crashed as well. Crash log attached. EDIT---crash log attached PDN_Crashlog.txt
  15. Mouse wheel scroll in the layer box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Not even kidding, this alone would have been enough for me EDIT------------- OH mane. Oh mane. Drag and drop layers. BESTEST Xmas EVER! I just did the math. I probably avg. 15 minutes a day of "extra" time due to the damned layer box in v3. Over four years that is 13.38 DAYS. I was THIS close to switching to anohter editor SO many times. Glad I stuck with it. Good work, folks, you did your daddies proud............... I SAY YA GOT PROUD PAPPIES........ EDIT 2------- Crashes while attempting to feather. Crashes on liquify
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