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  1. Amazing works. I really do like the omanis colors of The Interview. Dream reminds me of having a good dream that you don't want to wake up from, and the colors go well together. I also really liked The Storm. Great colors and movement in all of them. I've started wanting to do some photo manipulations to see what the results are, just by looking at your recent work.
  2. It has been a long time for me too, but let me just say that you always have amazing works here Helen. I really love the reflections of light on your new one and the effects you put on the inside of the globe too.
  3. Amazing works all of them! Great job on all of them, I don't know how you make people/animals look as realistic on Paint.NET as you do. You've inspired me to work a bit harder on my stuff. =)
  4. Really cool recent images! I really like the meteor too, and the wood on that wagon is really amazing! Keep up the good work.
  5. Very nice images! I really liked all of the images posted on the 28th of June! Very nice work on them all.
  6. Very nice images! I really enjoyed looking at them. I really liked the blue one that you recently posted, thought it looked amazing. Really liked the many designs and textures in the background.
  7. DP again, sorry, but just wanted to say that I have a new image on the front page. I'm still here guys, although I'm a bit rusty. Comments and critique are very much appreciated.
  8. Thank you Helen. I'm glad you liked the new artwork. I hope to have a new one up soon, but it shall be hard with school and work starting here.
  9. Very amazing works here! I'll have to check those videos out to see your secrets. =) And I agree with everyone that it looks very professional!
  10. I like the wreath, very nice job with that, and the photo merge is pretty amazing! Really cool works here, and hope you have a Happy Christmas also!
  11. Really cool! I like the smudging effect! I haven't played too much with it, but it does give it a nice outcome! Great job!
  12. Very nice work! The only painting I do is on Paint.NET, haha. I agree with Daniels on the very odd part, but I really like it! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Thanks welsh for the comment on my works! I'm glad you liked them and I hope to continue making art for your viewing pleasure. Update: Christmas in the Air on the first page!
  14. Very nice outcome on the pink one with your name in it! I really like the design!
  15. Very neat stuff in here! I really enjoy all of your different creations! Keep it up. I especially like the ADHD Productions one with the silver and red lines. Simple, yet pretty cool!
  16. I must agree with everyone else and say that the first one is my favorite! Although they are all great images! When I think there can't be a better image made, you always do so!
  17. It is a fantastic piece of work! You really do have a talent for doing spacescapes! I'll have to check out your tutorial and see what I can do as far as spacescapes go.
  18. I really like your image! I'm especially impressed with the space scape in the background and how realistic it looks! Really amazing!
  19. Looks great! I like that outcome a lot! Colors match a bit better with the color change. =) I can't wait to see what your next attempt will look like.
  20. I think anyone's ideas are great EER, especially since you owned a web design business so you know a lot and can teach us all a lot of cool stuff I'll bet! With making the Z slightly bigger, I would add a new layer, and put the letter Z in that new layer in a slightly bigger font.
  21. That is super cool! Paint.NET really is the best Photoshop replacement/image editor! I'm very pleased with everything that it does.
  22. Nice tutorial! I'm going to have to give it a try sometime! I've seen ways on how to create moons and such, but never this easy. Thanks for the tutorial and the nice outcome!
  23. I agree with whelsh here. I'd adjust the E to be the same color as the leaves on the tree and take care of the jaggies. Aside from that, It is a great image and a great concept! As far as how to make the E the same color as the leaves, I would use the color picker (has a dropper icon in Paint.NET), select the color of the leaves and then fill the E with the color. I hope this helps! I also hope to see more stuff from you soon! You've learned faster than I did that's for sure, and I'm still learning. =)
  24. Excelent work as always barbieq! I really like the smooth texture of the background as well as color choice.
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