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  1. Wow, your subatomic image looks cool. Awesome textures and colors.
  2. Wow, I've been gone for a while, but these are amazing! There are to many to even begin to say something about an image individually. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.
  3. Wow, you really are a very talented artist! I would not be able to have that much patience to make an image for that amount of time. Thanks for sharing it with us all!
  4. Valley Views is amazing! I really want to know how you do that to make it look so realistic! Crown of Thorns is a really cool image also. Great work on your most recent images.
  5. Nice images! I really liked the recent rainbow one with all of the lines and colors. It's something I haven't really seen before. Awesome outcomes!
  6. I agree with the above statements! Your images are really cool. I really liked the castle one as well as the clouds one with the planet, very cool images!
  7. I really like the newest one that you have up! It looks really cool! The rings on the planet look great and the space around it looks pretty realistic.
  8. Sorry for posting 3 times in a row, but instead of one at the front, there are now 2 new!
  9. Good job taking 'em out barbieq! It's always good to have a pet dragon around to do those messy jobs for you. =)
  10. I really like the colorful one! Looks almost like smoke dissipating, even though that's not the description I was looking for. Awesome outcome though.
  11. First off, view to hell, amazing piece! I don't know why I haven't stopped by to see it fresh, but I'm glad that I got to see it anyway. Your more recent piece is amazing as well. Very cool colors and really calming. Your space scapes, like many have said, do look like they are from NASA! Cool stuff here and I'll be sure to stop in a bit more often if time permits of course.
  12. Wow, seriously only made with PDN!! That's pretty amazing if you ask me, I couldn't even do that. As Nitenurse said thank you for sharing your talent.
  13. Excellent work on all of the images on the front. I enjoyed the amount of detail you put in them, especially the "Dawning" picture. Exhibit C and Sea of Stars are also amazing! Your space scapes are super realistic.
  14. Who knows, but I entered my sig just to hopefully keep things going.
  15. I can enter the competition if that's okay. I made this a while ago, but I think it's worthy of the competition.
  16. Crazy stuff. Must be fun to ban those spammers though. Thank you Moderators and Administrators for keeping the forums clean of spam. =)
  17. RFX: I really like how it pretty much shows the progress of the drawing being "drawn" as well as the depth and detail put into it! Cc4FuzzyHuggles: Really nice effects put into this one. Like how everything just goes together even with all of the different colors and stuff. I'd really like to know how you did some of the things you did in it to maybe adopt some in my art or something. This is a really hard choice, but here it goes. RFX - 2 Cc4FuzzyHuggles - 1
  18. Update: New image on page one! I'm on a roll so far.
  19. Really cool image! I really like the different textures used in the making of this image, and the colors work great. Good work.
  20. I hate it when Internet goes out here, and our router isn't that great so I have to reset it pretty often....get's really annoying.
  21. I use it for fun and as a hobby. I didn't consider myself an artist until I got this program and started messing around with it and now I feel a bit more creative and artistic.
  22. Great images! I really liked the trees, I've never really had time to try making one before.
  23. The apples are really cool!! I tried making one a while back, but it didn't look that good. The other works you have here are really cool too, especially the eyes and the wood, great texture in the wood. Keep them coming.
  24. Thanks Barbieq, I'm glad you liked my Christmas one. I reviewed a GIF that I made of every stage in the making of it and I see that I have improved a lot since I started.
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