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  1. @lynxster4 I actually was making a wood texture and one of the effects in it made that sort of texture. From what I see, there isn't a tutorial for that kind of texture.
  2. @LionsDragon Thank your for your comment and for stopping by. @lynxster4 I’m glad you enjoyed my piece! It looks awesome on my dual monitor workstation for sure. @Pixey I never thought about it being a signature, but I may explore that option at some point. @Seerose Thank you for your lovely comment as always! @barbieq25 Thanks for your comment on this image. @welshblue Thank you for your critique. Always appreciated. New and old image on the first page: Desert Home.
  3. @lynxster4 Thank you for your praise. I never saw it as an emerald, otherwise I might have called it as such. Perhaps in the future I’ll make one with that title. @Seerose Always happy to share my results with you. Glad you liked it as well. @Pixey Thank you for your comment. I do kind of see it as stormy, thank you for your perspective as well. @welshblue Thanks for stopping by once again. I’m glad you liked Smelling Roses even if you don’t like pink too much. Not one of my favorite colors either, but it’s fun to work with every now and then. @barbieq25 Your comments are always much appreciated. New/old image on the first page: Agate’s Heart.
  4. Very nice image! Agree with all of the comments mentioned before. Eerie, yet the lamp light makes it look inviting in a way.
  5. @Seerose Thank you for your praise, I'm glad you liked the simple, yet beautiful result. @Pixey I did try to get a good rose color for the image, so I thank you for your comment. @lynxster4 Thank you for your comment and stopping by, it's very much appreciated! Another image on the first page: Aurora.
  6. @Drydareelin Thanks for your comment! I do try to tell a different story with each image in an abstract way. @lynxster4 I thought the same thing when I was creating the image. Interesting how one layer blend mode can change the entire image. @Seerose It’s always a pleasure sharing my images with everyone, thank you for stopping by. @Pixey I’m glad you find the image calming. If you think about it, a swamp can be a calming place since it can be quiet. I have a new image on the first page, Smelling Roses.
  7. Very nice images @Seerose! I really like the colors and designs in the third image.
  8. Wow, love the texture in these images. It seems that the darker lines are popping out of the screen and I love that. Makes the images very unique.
  9. Very nice! Almost reminds me of some of those pieces of art in an art museum made out of random parts they found.
  10. I love the watch! Shiny, realistic, and looks like something I would wear. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us.
  11. @lynxster4 I'm glad you thought so as well. Took a while to get it right. @Pixey Thank you, definitely an interesting process to get to where it is now. @Seerose My style has been changing a lot with the different updates to Paint.NET. Some of the effects I used years ago don't work anymore, but I've adapted. @barbieq25 Thank you for your praise and for stopping by again. Thank you all for your comments, they really are appreciated! New image on page 1: Murky Swamps
  12. Love the colors in the grass and how it slowly goes from red to green. Looks lovely!
  13. Wow, love the spacescape! I love how it feels empty, yet full of wonder and exploration, kind of like we're wandering through and have made a new discovery, the lone planet.
  14. I love the attention to detail here, especially with the reflection and the effect the curve of the jewel would affect it. Exquisite work!
  15. Excellent entries from everyone, I’m sure everyone enjoyed this comp! And my added congratulations to @Woodsy.
  16. Very nice images! Love the Easter images and the texture in the stitching too.
  17. Thank you @welshblue your comments are always appreciated! New image on the first page!
  18. Can't say I've heard this song or group before. I'm listening to These Days by 3 Doors Down right now.
  19. Welcome to the forums @dan1966 and a great start to your gallery. I can't wait to see more here.
  20. Thank you for visiting @lynxster4 and for your comment, I appreciate it very much. Another new/old image on first page called Horizon Lights
  21. @Pixey I actually didn't use Kaleidoscope for that image at all. For the design in the middle I used Radial Extruder, Dents, and Polar Inversion. The background was made with Radial Blur. This is the basic design for both images honestly. @Seerose Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate them and hope to have more up soon.
  22. The perfume bottle looks like something out of a commercial! Excellent work!
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