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  1. Nice pictures!!! Hell drivers looks really neat!!! As for your tutorial thing, I can't wait to see it come around!!! Nice work!!
  2. Thanks!! I'm glad you liked them! New update! Check it out!!!
  3. Well, I don't know that mine looks too good. I'll hope for the best though.
  4. Interesting pictures, haha! I think they look pretty good! The second Mad Max looks better than the first in my opinion.
  5. I think it looks awesome!!!! Everything about it I like!
  6. @Stone85, sorry about that. I edited my post so that there isn't anymore confusion.
  7. @Stone85, I actually don't have any tutorials up for anything yet. I don't know if anyone wants to see how things are done yet since my stuff isn't up to tutorial level yet.
  8. @barbieq25, thanks for the help!!! I'll be updating my gallery so that it has more pictures! I'm glad that you liked Fire Jolt and the second jewel! That tutorial is awesome!!!
  9. @ welshblue Thanks, I'm glad you liked the jewel!
  10. Oh yeah, I like that one a lot too!!! Here it is! I also made another one, but I think that the background isn't as good.
  11. You didn't force me to. I edited my post so that it doesn't say that too so yeah.
  12. I agree with Heat Stroke!!! Amazing stuff you've made!!!
  13. Nice sigs!!! I like the current one too!!!
  14. Welcome to my Gallery!! Update: Ocean's Eye Decided to bite the bullet, and get an Imgur account to get thumbnails back. So here it is as a thumbnail on this page, and on the last page so you can see and comment. All info about the image is on my blog. From the last update: Layers of the Cosmos Previous updates: Molten Echos Lightsabers Desolation Sandstone Patterns O Christmas Tree Emergence Death's Flower Embedded Sunshine Desert Landscape Desert Home Desert Home Remake Agate’s Heart Aurora Smelling Roses Murky Swamps Labradorite Core Horizon Lights Hidden content tabs weren't working, and to make this gallery not as long, I decided to delete most of the older works that were here. If you'd like to see more of my older works, they are located on my blog under the Pictures page. They should be in order from most oldest on top to most recent on the bottom.
  15. Thanks welshblue!! I have been thinking about making a gallery and I'm almost ready for that! I'll get on that as soon as I can guys!!
  16. Nice glass ball there!!! After looking at yours I had to update mine a bit. I posted it on my blog and I may post it on here in my own gallery that I will end up making...eventually.
  17. barbieq25, I'm glad you liked my jewel! I made another one, but I don't know if you want me to put it on here or not.
  18. Heat Stroke, wow!!! Yours looks better than mine!!! I modified mine and posted it on my blog! Check it out!!!!
  19. Here's my attempt on the Transparent Glass Ball!! Nice tutorial! I changed a few things in the tutorial so that it looks how it does! Tell me what you think!
  20. Well, here's my attempt on the gem! Really awesome tutorial by the way!!!!! I got confused on a bit of stuff, but figured it out eventually.
  21. Dang it, you caught me Heat Stroke (or should I say Trey). =) Nice pictures by the way. I like what you did to the Mad Max one, I think it looks better than the last one! I also remember the Electrons picture! Nice jewel too!! I'm going to have to look at the tutorial and attempt to make one myself!
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