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  1. Thanks barbie!! I made it with aguba's awesome tutorial found here!
  2. I really like the car ones as well!!!! As for the recent stuff, I like the colored ones best!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  3. Nice new image!!! I can't wait to see the end result!!
  4. Very nice!! I like your image!!! I hope to see more from you!!! And welcome to the forums!!
  5. It doesn't matter either way works! Welcome to the forums!!! I really liked your first image and I hope to see more from you!!!
  6. I did a lot of improvising, but here's my attempt! Anything that needs to be changed, please tell me!!
  7. @Helen, the different windows are supposed to be holographic and I'm glad you liked the idea!! =) Thanks again for the comments everyone!!
  8. Thanks for the comments guys!!! They are very much appreciated!! Update: Cockpit. Look at the first page to see it!
  9. Do you think you could send that nebula tutorial to me again, I seem to have misplaced it. I'll try it out and give you feedback! Now on to the pictures: Really neat cockpit picture!!! Nicely done!!!
  10. Wow!! I will have to look at that tut! That looks amazing!!
  11. Thanks guys!! I hope to make another stunning image for you! =)
  12. Wowsa!!! Amazing new works here Possum!! I'm going to have to check that sculptris program out!
  13. Truley amazing art works!! I really like the one with the eye as well!!!
  14. Awesome image!!!!! Everyone took the words right out of my mouth!! Great job!
  15. Thanks chrisco! I'm glad you approve! Update: Smoke and Rings!
  16. Really awesome picture Cortez!!! And great tutorial Mayor_McSteeze!!! Here's my attempt: Then I decided to play around with it a bit:
  17. Thanks Helen and barbieq! I'm glad you liked it! =)
  18. Sorry for the DP, but new art work on the first page! Details on my blog!
  19. It's okay. I noticed that with the forums as well.
  20. Very nice works here!!! I really liked the sig and will definatly have to check it out!! I can't really say which one is my favorite of your works just because they are all good!!!! Keep them coming!
  21. I PMed you my entry, but I haven't gotten a reply to my PM. Could you please check Possum? (Oh yeah, and sorry for the DP)
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