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  1. I was looking forward to seeing some awesome new works from you!!! Oh well, time to join fans just to see more amazingly stunning images!!!
  2. Thanks barbieq and helen!! I'm glad you liked my new pictures! Update: Energy Ribbon on the first page!!
  3. @ welshblue, thanks for your comment!!! My sig was made with the help of a tutorial!! I'm glad you liked my more recent abstracts as well!!! @ chrisco, I'm glad you liked my new pictures! To answer your question, Mountain Horizon is 100% PDN made! Thanks for your comments!!!
  4. @ Helen, thank you!! I'm glad you liked it!! @ chrisco, thank you!!! Your comments are very much appreciated!! Update: 3 New! See page 1!
  5. Thanks for the suggestion ventor!! I'll see what I can do!
  6. Wow!!! Nice new pictures here!!! I really like the mustang sig!!! And the eye is truley amazing!!! As for the last sigs, I liked #4 the best!
  7. @ chrisco, I just used a lot of dents, radial blur delux, polar inversion, and zoom blur delux. I also did one effect, duplicated the layer, did other effects othe the duplicate, then duplicated the duplicate over and over again so that everything blends in together a bit more! @barbieq, I'm very glad you liked it!! I never really saw it as a jellyfish, but now that you mention it, it does look kind of like one!!! Thanks for the comments guys!! I hope to have more art for you soon!
  8. Congratulations to everyone that entered!!! I had a hard time choosing just three!
  9. Very cool pictures!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  10. I would really like to see a tut!! I find rings hard to do, but you did a great job!!! I also think that your ideas so far for the image are great! Keep up the good work! Oh, and very nice new sig too!!!
  11. Really awesome sigs!!! I really like your Empty World one as well as the new Tiger Combo!
  12. Wonderful new ones!!! I agree with chrisco, they could be put in a museum!!! A tutorial would be awesome too!!
  13. That picture looks awesome!!! I really like the cloud texture as well as the rings!!!
  14. I encourage you to try it!! I'm sure you'll do great! Update: The Rush! See page 1!
  15. Really nice pictures here!!!! Great job and I hope to see more!!!! =)
  16. I like the new sig!!! I agree with everyone when they say it's very smooth and flows with the rest of the image!! Great job!
  17. Thanks for the comments on my sig!!! I did work pretty hard on it! It was a difficult tutorial!
  18. I agree!! I don't know which one looks better either. Thanks for your comment!!!
  19. WOW!!!!!! I just now discovered your gallery and you have some AMAZING art works!!!!!! Wonderful job!!!
  20. Excellent new pictures!!! I hope to see more from you!!! Keep up the good work!
  21. Welcome! These are pretty cool!!! I hope to see more!
  22. Wow!!! I really like your new works!!! My favorites are the Glass Seahorse and My Friend Jack Wallpaper!!! Great textures!
  23. Thanks barbie!!! I appreciate your praise!! =) Update: Vortex on page 1!
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