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  1. Wow, those abstracts had my jaw on the floor, very well done and easy to look at! Love the glassy look on the rings, as well as the different textures in them. I also looked at some of the first works on here, and you are a very talented artist. I’m excited to see what else you make.

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  2. Wow, amazing works on your gallery! I especially like the work with Kaleidoscope and the ships. Very interesting and unique textures in those. Love the glassy and metallic looking ones too. Superb job and keep the images coming!


    As for inspiration, I get episodes like that, where I don’t have inspiration at all, but it’ll come I’m sure. Love your gallery and will be back for more.

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  3. @LionsDragonThank you, not exactly what I was going for originally, but sometimes things come out unexpectedly.


    @lynxster4Thank you for your comment, definitely very devil-like.


    @PixeyThank you for fixing the link and your comment. I hope that I did it right this time since the maximum size is 800 x 800


    @barbieq25Thanks for the comment, good to see you again.


    I may start posting these images in the thread here since the front page may get a bit crazy with all of the huge images, but my most recent this time around is on the first page. Myeloma Ribbon is the title of this image, a tribute to my late grandpa. Hope you enjoy.

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  4. On 12/15/2019 at 12:17 PM, welshblue said:

    Beautiful.  Epitomises the whole Christmas spirit and feeling


    I much agree! Love the colors and the feeling of Christmas I get when I look at this image. Hope it was a good one and that the new year brings you and your loved ones much happiness!

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  5. Wonderful new piece! Love the animation of the candle wick and the snow falling. The colors are also very soothing along with the feel that is in the environment of the image. I personally haven't one much animation stuff (except for a few gifs and custom pointer packs), but I'd like to look into it more after seeing this. Well done!

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  6. @lynxster4 Thank you for your praise, I do like how Sandstone Patterns turned out as well especially since I wanted the colors to be bright and vibrant like they are, but not blinding.


    @Pixey The balls were the hardest part since I didn't really know too much of how to make them, but I'm glad it turned out well overall. Thanks for your comment.


    @Drydareelin I did have to look on Google for the shape of the tree lights to make sure I had them right. I then double checked with the ones we had on our tree for the cable that they come with. Thanks for stopping by.


    @Seerose Thank you for looking at my gallery and for the comment!

    New image on the first page titled Desolation.

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