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  1. hello guys, thank you very much but I can' t find it in my effects ! I have add it on my "effect" folder, but in Paint Net, when I go to "Tools", I don' t see "Smudge" !! Look at this please: There is "liquify" wich looks like "Smudge" but I don' t think it is. So if you can help me please ?
  2. hello guys, I have a problem, I don' t find Drop Shadows effect in my "object" !!! I have installed Vandermottent plugin but nothing appears ! can anyone help me please ?
  3. hello guys, thank you for these plugin. But I have a problem with few of them. Like Splatters, I don' t find it in "artistic", nothing is there !! look at this: Can anyone help me please ? I don' t understand why I don' see it. I have the latest Paint Net (Paint.NET v3.5.7 (Final Release build 3.57.4068.30273)). is it because I have installed others plug in ? is this 'bug' arrive to others pr it is only me ? For more precisions, let see my "effect" folder, here: The plugin wich I would like the most to use it would be splatter, but there are others that I can' t see in P
  4. hello, I have a problem guys: I don' t see "Splatters" in my "artictic" !! but I have added it on my "effects" directory, I have the last Paint net, so I don't understand why I don' t see it !! is this effect in the pyrochild' s plugins ? Can anyone help me please ?
  5. Hello, this job looks really great, but the link of the plugin deos not work !!! I know there is long time for this post, but I am new in the forum, with paint net and in drawing, so if any one can help me please !!! I want just the plugin wich are in this post ! And... i see you have an awesome text "illuminator", with extrusion, 3deffect, how can you do this ? please Thank you Iskander71
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