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  1. thanks for the replies everyone! i feel like you've got a really helpful community here. i'm leaving for business tomorrow morning, but i'll revisit this when i get back yep ok, i'll try using layers as well thanks all
  2. Problem 1: For example: You see, i want to move some pixels around, but when I do so there is a hashed transparent colour behind the white colour. Ok that's fine i say, I'll just use the 'paint bucket' to fill that in. ... Oh hmm , it doesn't work. In fact, no matter what colour I choose, the paint bucket does nothing. Problem 2: In mspaint you have a little button to make shapes overlap or not. paint.net doesn't seem to have it. so if i want to move pixels around again then i can't move 2 blocks on top of each other or the 2nd one overlaps the first one. if they both have a while background then the black (or other colour) should override it.... any solutions to these problems? i don't really want to fiddle around with layers, because they are too hard for me to use and never seem to work properly.. (i add layer, but how to draw on it?!) there should be a simple way around these problems, otherwise i'll just use mspaint...
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