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  1. I did all of the above, it is probably a plugin but I can live with it.
  2. Paint.Net 4.0.13 takes almost a full minute to start in any build of Windows 10 Maybe time for a new release??
  3. It was untill this update yesterday. Now it is really fast.
  4. This build opens really fast, great work
  5. Thanks Rick, I was just trying to use the shapes tool. Oh and it seems that all of my add ons are working.
  6. Being part of another tool does not work for me. This is a deal breaker, I have no idea on how to use a shapes tool to draw a line.
  7. When can we expect this build to go final?
  8. It would have been nice if you mentioned that the link goes to another Forum??
  9. In this OP Rick, you said a release wood be soon? How soon would that be?
  10. I would think a thread that states which Plug-ins ARE working with PDN 4.0 would be more useful.
  11. Is there any possible way to run both builds at the same time? I don't think so but I will ask anyway.
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