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  1. Thanks, no offense taken I know I botched the first one but I think they look really cool. I've only had paint.net for a few days and to me they look really nice but its nice to hear a different opinion.
  2. ^wants to make people yawn <half way yawned but not all the way v likes making signatures
  3. Hey, I put these in the advanced critique section, but I wanted another opinion from here as well. I have only used PDN for 4 days. The one with the sniper I botched it, as it had a white background and I cut too much off erasing it. Be as hard as you want critiquing me, as that's how I learn thanks
  4. Well, here goes mine. I've only used PDN for about 4 days now but I want an honest opinion from people who dont know me and wont give me a sympathy "That looks great!" Thanks guys
  5. Edit: the second one I think is real tree branches? If not, their pretty believable
  6. Well, I'm making a signature for a friend and I want to put a sniper on there but I already have a background I drew and his name already merged onto the background. The sniper pictures I get have a white background behind them so I make a new layer and put it under the background, then use the wand trying to just pull the sniper up (or just the outline of it because it looks better) anyone have an Idea on how to do that because I can never keep the outline there.EDIT: I went back to the raw picture i had placed on paint.net and I copied just the gun (what I wanted) and now that I flipped it a
  7. Just tried the Gaussian blur, and at any radius its too blurry to make out. Thanks for the suggestion though
  8. I tried the white, but for some reason I thought the white lines looked better than the white text. But atleast I thought of that though and tried it
  9. Ok, so I've taken all the suggestions into mind, and with the blur for the background and the white text here is my product. Thanks guys for all the suggestions I honestly make these for fun because I dont really use them. I am a guy as i seen that someone said "he/she" so I wanted to clear that up. I would really like it if a couple people posted some ideas on what to make next, that would be awesome and when I'm done I will post them on here
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