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  1. This is my result... The image is resized, it used to be 1366x768. Awesome Tut FrontCannon!
  2. Hey Chrisco, I was thinking about maybe setting up a sig viewing thread. For example, you put your thread in the post, and people tell you what you could do better. Like the battles, but with no battling. What do you think?
  3. I'm glad I won, but the other one wasn't really a sig. If anyone has an actual sig, please battle me!
  4. Camerator. Hmmmmm... I guess it's just what makes sense.
  5. I want to battle again. Anyone? Here's mine:
  6. I like your idea, but it is a bit bland. I'm going to say 7/10.
  7. I absolutely loved this tut! I tried to get the sliders to go green, but they hate me. So I just put green in the layer under it, and made a few changes. | | | | Check below for my resulting sig... | | \ / \ / \ / *
  8. I won't. I know people's birthdays... If they tell me...

  9. Stop posting on my TURF! Omigish-ask me for translation.

  10. Well Mace-face, you would know if you actually cared. And I know everyone's birthdays. And phone numbers. And locations... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaAAaAAaaAA- ow! Who kicked me?

  11. Yeah, we love school. And being RickRolled. And having fun with sarcasm and watching people's faces slowly realise that they just got pwned. TEEHEE!
  12. Does anyone else look at this and feel like a total noob?
  13. I prefer the old-fashioned stuff. 'Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday TO YOU, Happy BIRTHDAY DEAR PYRO, Happy Birthday..To..Yoooooooooooooouu!!" Aw geez, I'm getting all emotional. YAH NOOBS!
  14. In fact, are you even on here?

  15. You had a birthday? Why didn't I know :(

  16. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one :)

  17. Nice to see you're finally on the forums, Cam... how many arguments have we had at school over whether you should join or not?

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