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  1. Going back to the 500x500. Gonn be creating a shizton more of these =D! Also, I have really busy lately with school, 3D modeling and animation, life, my long but recently reborn Battlefield addcition, girls >.>, computer engineering camp, and putting together my new gaming rig =DD, here are the specs: -AMD Phenom 2 quad core overclocked to 4ghz -XFX Radeon 69502gb thats going to be flashed to 6970 (maybe two of these for crossfire) -1tb harddrive -21'' 1920x1080 2ms HD screen -Antec 300 case -ASUS mobo -8gb of ram -20 foot CAT7 cable< -multiple games from Steam -MY FAV Cinema 4D =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Thats pretty much everything
  2. THIS FORUM WILL NOT DIE!! I'm starting the Renaissance of Paint.NET creations here! Here is one of my finest pieces of work: http://i.imgur.com/eoxyY.jpg
  3. Two more 500x500 abstracts of the PDN manufacturing line:
  4. AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGG! <snip> Back to PDN For repairs T.T
  5. I posted this on abstract, but I will also post it here: Thank you, pdnnoob, for finding my errors.
  6. I love them both! Im starting a project of creating 500x500 abstracts (thanks Supermini_man):
  7. Damn, That is so simple but so awesome! I finnaly finished my collab with Richard Beard, a talented artist:
  8. My newest work of art. I call it "Teh Pill of DOOOOOOOM!!!!!11!eleven!11!!":
  9. Here you go Barbie! P.S.-Thank you wb for the advice
  10. My latest creation: @Oma: I showed my sister your piece of art and she loved it!
  11. Another small, but good, tut using the awesomesauce Lightning plugin. Good job on your first tut!
  12. Thank you for the kind words. Your advice, I will use (Yoda FTW). Im going to start a gallery once I finish my latest project. Ill give you a hint to raise you excitement: Seeing is believing. B, you give me such joy in making my pieces of art, that I will make a custom wall paper for you. Just give me the resolution and subject and I will whip it up in a jiffy! EDIT: HELP: WHERE IS THE "MAKE YOUR OWN EYE" TUT LOCATED!!!! PLEASE HELP MY WORK NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!!
  13. Thank you, kind friend! I personally like the second to last best. After getting a new 1 grand laptop, I have kicked my skills into overdrive to populate my 640 GB hardrive with new creations! EDIT: Another one bites the page!
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