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  1. minners71: 2 TheHowler: 3 I like your's Minner, I enjoy 3d effects, but thats all you have. Its to simple. Sorry, and TheHowler, yours rocks! I like the dark theme to it. ---------------------- Winner: TheHowler
  2. Good to be back, I got a new computer! So I am trying to upload again all the Effects, XD
  3. your wish did not come true, because you wished many times. I wish that i had over a mil,
  4. I am back, sorry for the long wait. Thank you for helping out EER. I am going to try to make more tuts. soon.
  5. Do you have a youtube vid you made or one of your friends made or you just want to post something that made you laugh, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti8igNWIvr0 Thats a vid my friend made, He used pivot and windows movie maker, and its mad sick! He is getting pretty good with pivot, Please watch, rate, comment!!
  6. Love the tutorial changed some things and this is what I got!!!
  7. Ya... thats what I thought. This seems simple hey mods can you move this to the Playground forum place?
  8. So is this tut to hard for you guys? Do you want me to make it simpler?
  9. 3D Text Effect Plugins Need- 1. AA's_Assistant 2. Soften Portrait - (NB: is not a plugin, it's a built in effect. Find it under the Effects/Photo menu EER) 3. Shape3D -Sorry I will get the links for the plugins Later. 1. Open a new Image 800x600. 2. Fill the background (Color-Black) Hidden Content: 3.Add a New Layer. 4.In this layer type a word you want to use. Font-Ariel Size-144/108 Hidden Content: 5. Then use Shape3D Things Your Going to Have to Change- Sphere Size Scaling- (1.100) Texture Map Half Sphere Map Object Rotation
  10. Thanks The reference to mario was my brother playing the wii. To the cars was made for my friend that he is making a racing game and wants me to make him 100 cars. He gave me references to car games he had he scrolled it to top down view. So both were video games. Lol nice Psycho Harmonic.
  11. Hey, love this tut. I failed miserable with this. I am going to try once more next week... ~NestoFlo
  12. I am sorry I am a little bit confused.... So what are we suppose to be drawing?? A space scene? O and Sarkut I posted my drawings at the site.
  13. This is my collection... I have more. Yes that is mario in a speedo... lol
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