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  1. Hi there, I dunno, maybe, I do something wrong. I uploaded converted into .png files Photoshop brushes, in separate folders, which were named "_name", into Custom Brushes folder. When I open CustomBrushesMini, the thumbnails, in the right column, represent some brushes incorrectly, some are not shown at all. Could anybody help me with the issue, please? Thank you.
  2. The link to ABRViewer to convert the PS brushes to be made usable in PDN, tutorial for converting doesn't work. Could anybody to upload it again, please?
  3. It's Object Reflection Plugin by BoltBait: http://forums.getpai...?showtopic=2161 And it works perfectly.
  4. Hi all, I cannot see any difference between full Dull and GrayScale+. Is it supposed to be like this or I missed something? It would be also nice to get icons for them. Nevertheless, it's a cool plugin. Thanks. Paint.Net 3.5.5.
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