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  1. It would be great to have a tool that removes backgrounds but as far as I know that does not exist. Using an eraser tool to make a halo then zooming in on your photo (400%+) to erase or paint pixels helps. Moving back and forth between 100% and 400%+ and making small adjustments helps. Photographers often use a blue or green screen (or just plain background) to make it easier for removing backgrounds. The magic wand tool helps if you have stark contrast but in a photo like your example, I think you'll have some work to do. Here is an example of using: zoom in/out, eraser (adjusting size), colour picker, paint brush (adjusting size) Uploaded with
  2. Thanks Sarkut, I decided to uninstall Paint.Net 3.5.5 ( I had trouble deleting "pyrochild.effects.common.dll" ) and delete the Paint.Net folder from Program Files and start over. I downloaded Paint.Net 3.5.5 and dropped the bundle of plugins into my Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Paint.Net > Effects. Now I have no plugin errors and smudge appears under "Effects" > "Tools" as you mentioned. Happier Paint.Net user here
  3. Thanks Sarkut for the tip about Utilities. Unfortunately it only helped confirm what I expected : "File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\Smudge.dll Effect Name: pyrochild.effects.smudge.Smudge Full error message: This plugin is incompatible with this version of Paint.NET." Is it possible to get a smudge tool on Paint.Net 3.5.5? Perhaps I need to return to an earlier version of Paint.Net?
  4. Hi Sarkut, I'm not sure if you are attempting to answer my question about the missing smudge tool. I do know where the smudge tool used to be but like I said it is not there now in the Paint.Net 3.5.5 version.
  5. Hi ya, I am a occasional user of Paint.Net but have always updated when the opportunity arises. I recently updated to Paint.Net 3.5.5 The plugins do not all appear (for example I really want to use the smudge tool but it is not in drop down "effects" in I had the smudge tool working well on an earlier version but it is not there now (I have downloaded all the plugins from your link and placed them in the Local disk (C:) > Program Files > Paint.Net > Effects). What else might I need to do to have the plugins appear?