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  1. Just gave it a try w/ some simple things (lines and etc.). I like what I see, mega thanks bolt.
  2. Does anyone know of a vector editor/maker similar to the UI of PDN? I always liked the simplicity that PDN offers while being able to create stunning works, but I'm working on some flash movies and have been told vector images are the way to go. So any suggestions?
  3. thanx for the advice guys. i went back and deleted all my effects and file types (the only extra one from there i used was the PSD). but now i have like no effects or adjustments so a quick question: is there an "original plugins pack" or would i have to just uninstall and reinstall PDN for those plugins?
  4. ok guys here's my issue, i recently installed the effects pack (w/ like every effect) and i realized today that the Lighten and Darken tool in the Adjustment tab both cause PDN to crash. i did have a bunch of effects installed before i did the mega pack so i kno it was something new. i also installed the file pack as well, but i'd doubt that's the cause of it. does anyone kno what i shoud eliminate in order for those 2 to work again? it seems that they were the only things effected. and i did reinstall both PDN and the effect and neither worked. i also tried running it as admin, nothing still.
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