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  1. Hey there- It's been a couple of years and I wanted to check back in on this- any chance there's possibility for a non-modal plugin in the recent versions of PDN?
  2. Pyrochild, any word on wether non-Modal dialogues are still getting a look for 4.x? Thanks
  3. I'm new to this and I apologize for the simplicity of the question. I could not find the naswer. I wanted to use buttons on a plugin at the same time as being able to paint on the canvas. The couple "Effects" plugins I've seen have been modal which prevents access to the canvas as long as the dialogue is open. Is there another type of plugin that will allow me to have an open dialogue and still paint on the canvas? Thanks!
  4. Recursor- Thanks for this, I was hoping to make something very similar. What are the chances you'd be willing to share the source so that I can make some updates for my own tastes? Giving you full credit for what you've already done, of course.
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