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  1. *Smacks forehead* Goh Im such a dimwit! LOL. Thank you soooo much! I'll do this now
  2. OK I'll try to explain this as best I can Since the first time Ive posted Ive managed to get a plugin pack installed. This was Vandermottens. I have also figured out a way to get most of the plugins onto Paint.net but its a very roundabout way (I'll explain that later on). The plugins so far that have not gone into Paint.net are Boltbaits pack, Pyrochilds pack, dpyplugins 5.1, the Alpha mask plugin and the align object plugin. Some of the plugins (ie. the ones other than Vandermottens) say theyre compressed files but Ive unblocked them. Vandermottens was never compressed :S It looks like this: Now I'll explain how I can get most of the plugins onto paint.net. I do what was described in the OP. I go into each plugin/pack so they dont show as compressed anymore and then move them into the Effects file again. Paint.net is still not open. It then asked me if I want to copy and replace the original. While that window is open I open paint.net and then click that I want to copy and replace. It then says it doesnt work and to close Paint.net so I do. Then I try again and they go into it. This takes a lot of time since you have to do it individually with each plugin in a pack. It also doesnt work with some plugins (cant remember which ones). Maybe theres no fix for this LOL. Or maybe Ive just done everything completely wrong LOL
  3. Sorry for not replying sooner, this just got a lot more complicated so maybe my laptop is an idiot and no one can help me Itll take a while to explain and Im a bit busy so I'll reply as soon as I can Just thought Id post to let you know that I can see you guys are willing to help me and that I havent fallen off the face of the earth Sorry for the colour choice earlier LOL
  4. I did it :O I couldnt exactly figure out the line though so settled for something a little different Anyone having problems with this the video at the bottom of the post is very helpful if you follow it along with the post and pause it as you do it The second thing I did on Paint.net For the reflection you did in the video, was that a plugin?
  5. I think I love you LOL. First tutorial Ive been able to follow! Im only a little newbie Thank you and I hope to find more of your tutorials around here
  6. OK Im slow so bare with me Ive done everything in the first post and the plugins are in the effects file but when I go into Paint.net theyre either not there or I dont know where to find them And also when I click any of the files in the effects folder it opens up Paint.net and says this image couldnt be displayed or something like that if that helps :S Does that men Ive done something wrong?
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