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Two years ago, back in the days of Master Suite CS4, there was a twenty-year old man, addicted to Photoshop; His mind was incapable of diverting thoughts anywhere else. He was locked in a room, only his 50'' monitor for light and warmth. In there he had one purpose: Find inspiration for animé-based art. It just so happened to be that he saw the light, in the form of a Paint.net tutorial on "How to draw a 3D Pokéball"; He was hooked from the very beginning, until he saw the possible results and thought, "Let's give this a go!". He downloaded this Paint.net program, installed the "Shape 3D" plugin, and bang, time stood still, this man could hear Satan laughing as he realised; "$700 has been wasted on this steaming pile of sulphurous matter that is Photoshop!". He later went on to cry himself to sleep.

I've never used Photoshop since.

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