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  1. Thank you blackpenny for the idea to use shaped gradient for filling! Really great result with that so will post a pic here too .
  2. Thank you for the pin, was really a surprise ! And Goonfella - really like the outcome . What I haves suggested too is maybe try less Bevel, it all depends of the font too, works better with bold letters.
  3. mindshift - Thank you! You could post your result, it is interesting to see what people come up with .
  4. I think too it came out good . I used Curves to adjust the look of the glass.
  5. I thought to try and make a glass cube same way. Of course you don´t need to save the files as .png in between but can keep all in separate layers, I just do it so me and my computer wouldn´t go crazy with too many layers . This is the final result after adding some light and shadows etc., not entirely happy with it but I think will leave it be for now.
  6. Tiharo - I like your space and colors. Pattrick - I am all for going crazy with shapes and making cool patterns with them and keeping them black and white is good in this case . Here is something I have made:
  7. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I found this psd tutorial here and wanted to create something similar with Paint.net. I think the outcome isń´t too bad but let me know if the tutorial is not ok as I am fairly new to this . I used in this tutorial: Layer blending modes Gaussian Blur Curves Bevel Selection Smudge Aa´s Assistant SinWaves This is the final image with the text: And these are the steps to get there, I tried to make them compact to cut down on amount of images, let me know if they are
  8. This certainly isn´t hi-tech but I recently did some candy and thought where else to use it, also tried to make candy style text.
  9. Ella

    Gold Metal

    Thank you so much! I used rotating text and your tutorial to make these snowflakes .
  10. Thank you, I did as you suggested and removed the first post. Thanks for the tips too , I missed some of the threads like the cute monsters one . As I said I am a newbie so if you think this tutorial is not beneficial then I have no problem if it gets deleted or removed .
  11. Thank you for your comment . It always doesn´t have to be too complicated you know, beginners need some tips too . And these tips came pretty handy to me, as I said for using in a game for doing home decorating textures and clothing textures.
  12. Tutorial 2 for making fur
  13. I design clothes in a game so I am always in search for new textures. I spent a day in this forum and tried all the cool things out to make my own textures and that was fun so thank you a lot! I thought I will post the tutorial I have made here too as they might come handy to someone . And I am a newbie in texture making so be gentle with me .
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