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  1. Thanks I posted the tutorial in Creations section or maybe Begginers would be more appropriate?
  2. Ella

    Zen Stones

    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it As requested here is the zen stones tutorial . Plugins used: Shape3D http://forums.getpai...showtopic=18968 Drop Shadow http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=8375 AA´s Assistant http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/16643-dpys-pack-2012-08-26/ You can make own stone texture or use premade one, I used WelshBlue´s which he generously shared. You can find it in his gallery http://forums.getpai...lue-air-cooled/. I used Shape3D to make a base stone and then you can use different distorti
  3. Basically it is what jim said , I didn´t save all the steps for shadows but here are some which might help. I used Drop Shadow for shadows between stones and for bottom shadows I used 2 black filled ellipses and applied Gaussian Blur. Bottom shadows are each on own layer so you can play with settings and blur to get the right look.
  4. I put something quick together to give you some ideas . You can make own stone texture or use premade one, I used WelshBlue´s which he generously shared. You can find it in his gallery http://forums.getpai...lue-air-cooled/. I used Shape3D to make a base stone http://forums.getpai...showtopic=18968 and then you can use different distortion methods to shape the stones to your liking, I used Bulge. ------------------------------- I started with this texture http://i616.photobuc...es/1texture.jpg. and here are some steps with screenshots: Open new image and copy and paste your stone to
  5. Basically you can try with any brush and see which gives you the best result, I liked the old paintbrush in Smudge tool best but I added my own splatter paintbrush option too to the tutorial so you can try with that too .
  6. You could try work with Smudge, can have a look at this tutorial http://pdnfans.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=tuts&action=display&thread=252 maybe is helpful .
  7. Could that be what you are looking for http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/1854-alpha-mask-import-plugin-20/?
  8. I removed the white background with magic wand select and delete and then used Shape 3d plugin, play with settings what works for you best, my quick try settings are here: Shape 3D plugin: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=18968
  9. stock: http://i-love-cartoons.us/snags/clipart/Garfield/Garfield-painting.php
  10. Great and detailed work, keeps getting better and better .
  11. You can check it out here http://pdnfans.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=intermediate&action=display&thread=254.
  12. I would try with Shape3D http://forums.getpai...showtopic=18968, put your vines in new layer and adjust Shape3D settings to get the look you want. added this :
  13. Thanks for pointing to Point Blur I didn´t know it was there, gotta try with that too. I tried the linked tutorial with zoom blur, set the transparency adjustment with Transparency plugin to maximum (slider to right side) and ran AA´s Assistant to get rid of jagged edges. That´s the quick result:
  14. Congratulations, such wonderful works all ! I really loved BarbieQ´s work so not surprised at all to see it on top .
  15. I don´t know the others but I have been struggling with the theme...just didn´t get ideas there .
  16. It is very small therefore hard to see, maybe you can post bigger picture .
  17. Congrats all, so many great works again !
  18. Font: Arista, background texture made from Incendia tryout.
  19. Congratulations to winners! Have to agree - very different and interesting entries .
  20. Nice simple tutorial, thank you . Here is what I did, used liquify and smudge too for flames.
  21. Stone85 - 0 Axle - 1 Really like the dark theme and how he is in motion and pops out of the picture.
  22. Sometimes is fun to try something new so this is my first try on signature .
  23. Ella

    Oma's gallery

    I wish I had your patience to do the flowers. Carnations are not my favourites but yours are just stunning, almost made me change my mind about favouring them. Can´t wait to see more flowers from you .
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