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  1. Out of curiosity, what's the technical reason? Is it because of the optimization step at the end of installation (At least seems like there is such).
  2. Is there a way to get the folder without the installation process?
  3. Do you know how PDN creates the Gaussian Blur Kernel? Namely, what's its support and its Sigma? Thank You.
  4. Hello, Is there any way to replicate Photoshop's Gaussian Blur in Paint.Net? Let's say I put Radius = 3 in Photoshop's Gaussian Blur, how can I replicate it in Paint.Net? I mean the exact same results. Thank You.
  5. Hi, Looks great. could you shed some light on the implementation? In ACR they use it for Shadow / Highlight and Clarity, any idea how?
  6. Is there any reference how is it done in Photoshop? Thanks.
  7. Does it replicate Photoshop results 1 to 1? Thanks.
  8. OK, I managed to write something and it seems to work well. If someone knows better to get results like Photoshop, Please let me know. Here it is: Input and Parameters (Just Like in Photoshop): A - Original Image, Amout, Radius, Threshold. B - Blur image A using Gaussian Blur with Radius. C - abs(A - Mask = 1 Where Pixels of C > Threshold, 0 otherwise. Output = A + Mask * (Amount * C) That's it. I hope it would work for you. For anything that would make it more Photoshop / Gimp comparable, let me know. Thanks.
  9. When you say "Motion Blur", What's the kernel you use? Simple averaging in a direction? I would like to try it on CPU. I'll try to give results later. Update: Ok, got some results. This is the configuration: Q8200 @ 2100MHZ 4GB Memory. nVidia GTX460 1280 x 960 - Matlab BlurringKernel = fspecial('motion', length, 25) Time: Length = 50 - 0.29 s Length = 100 - 0.9 s Length = 200 - 5.5 s uTorrent and Chrome on background. Matlab is maybe as fast as it gets in those calculations (CPU). So your results are nothing but stunning.
  10. Actually I'm just prototyping something on Matlab. If it works I could try write it for Paint.Net. Hence I just need the basic Math behind it. I saw many algorithms for USM, yet I need something similar to Phothsop / Gimp (With the Threshols Parameter). If you remember, I asked you once in your blog if you could ever link between the two. Thanks.
  11. Well, I need the recipe how the math is done to do my own tool. Thanks.
  12. Hello. Has anyone succeeded to replicate Photoshop's Unsharp Mask and willing to share. I'm trying to write an algorithm which uses it and I want to replicate it. I encountered several Method, yet I'm not sure they are the same. Thanks.
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