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  1. I worked with a lot of 3D before and found some of the differences of style with controls. For example, if you have two levels of circles then set in black color and other is white color, After that just set it in lighter than the second object which is darker. Now It looks so good and awesome pictures or image.
  2. It is very good application, It is very great and it is not only for useing flames, but also abstract backgrounds. A very good backgroung images are easy to keep in alignment also. There are so many different colors of flames which makes color full background like white-red-black flames and also it is useful for the Invert colors.
  3. Before two days when I am going to delete another account then by mistake I deleted paint.net folder. Because of this I reinstall paint.net as moderator suggest in above post. I reinstalled successfully but now it is in newest version and I am familiar with only older version so give a link for older version of paint.net.
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