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  1. Lately i have been working on an emboss effect which goal was acting like photoshops, i think i ended up with a quite good result. This effect is basically a fragment blur limited to 2 fragments, 1 inverted fragment and 1 normal fragment and it IS based on the fragment blur code since i wouldn't be able to do the angle myself UI Before After PSEmboss.zip
  2. I got abit bored today (as usual ) so i decided to make a blur plugin, this is similar to KrisVDM's Average Blur, but this only takes the average color of the edge of radius, for easier understanding, what this does is that it uses an 8-way symmetry circle algorithm and instead of drawing to the pixels it stores the pixel color and gets the average color of all stored colors. AverageEdgeBlur.zip UI original image blurred image
  3. Not sure if this is right, but i read somewhere that saving 32bit BMP is as simple as creating a Bitmap with 32BPP and save it like this bitmap.Save(OutputStream, ImageFormat.Bmp) Made a test, it saves fine and opens the output bmp with transparency, although im not sure if it's correct
  4. I use PDN to everything i can, i only use PS to some advanced saving/editing options (E.G. .DDS with mipmaps, i often create "advanced" spray paints for friends for them to use in games) else i use PDN to everything because i really hate the UI for PS, so if there should be any UI "changes" then it should be customizable UI
  5. Well, if the images have the same size it should be possible to create a file type plugin which saves each layer as a DDS file
  6. Well, didnt use the Filter Factory Example.afs but i assigned the red channel to all channels except A and the output was those are the horizontal things
  7. Oh... Just didn't thought that they HAD to be made by Filter Factory but it seems they have to the plugins from the site he linked to loaded fine
  8. Just tried it loading some of the .8BF files that i have in my Photoshop plugin folder, nothing happens I'm using Windows 7 x64 and i added the folder for it to search, it doesn't return any filters in the the filter list
  9. Go here and download his plugin pack: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7186 (you will have to look for it if you dont want the other plugins)
  10. Well, found this for another program but it might still work for PdN too, check the solution here http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7files/thread/d70c15f9-b48f-45a1-bdc7-cd96d77d9837, look at "cmep"'s reply it should work
  11. Well, you should write in the plugins thread about this problem, not the plugin forum but anyway, the "Sample Brush.png" will not be in the brushes menu, you will have to rename it and if you want to add other they must be A. transparent and B. saved as PNG, and then put them into the folder which opens when you press "Add/remove brushes"
  12. Of course it doesn't work in a picture viewer, they dont support animated PNG's just like most browsers
  13. The second image is from the this plugin here, and as you state, it's NOT working, no matter what browser, this plugin can open it, but the bottom layer would look like if it was just a new layer, just at the bottom (totally transparent), the last image is working in browsers that support APNG, if the browser doesn't support it just whows one frame, for the firefox addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/da/firefox/addon/5519/
  14. AGIF test using this plugin APNG test using this plugin APNG using a firefox plugin
  15. Hmm... Now you say it, code snippets is the way to go if anything, but it was just an idea that i got it could have gone both ways and it doesn't harm to ask
  16. Hello, i don't know if this has been suggested before, but i couldn't really find anything. So, while i was in the bus home today i suddenly got an idea, i don't know if it's good or bad, i thought of having one DLL file with custom pixel operations, blend modes and color structs like CMYK that anyone was allowed to use, i thought of it as a "community project" where everyone that will can contribute with pixel operations, blend modes and color structs maybe even custom controls, just so everyone was able to get E.G. a "hard light" blend mode in their plugin. Well, of course the plugin authors would have to link to the thread about this DLL so that people could get it, i wouldn't mind making this and asking some plugin authors if it's ok to use their color structs/blend modes/pixel operations Is this a good or bad idea?
  17. Try effects->photo->sharpen and see if it helps, set it to around max value
  18. the single slider is mainly for getting the high passed image if you want sharpen use one of the 2 others, i just think it's nice to have some with extra options and then a simple one if none of other things isn't needed, you can always use the highpassed image to sharpen the original after using "Overlay" blendmode
  19. Added a download link Single Slider version to the first post which pretty much gives the same result as photoshops (photoshop with a radius of 2.5 quite much = radius of 5 in these high pass filters)
  20. The background? if the background is the case and if you want to make something like the background then http://www.escapemotions.com/experiments/flame/ makes some awesome image background/wallpapers Just use the in-browser version thats the only version where you can save images
  21. another little update adding 3 new dithering's made by using my head
  22. Thank you Updated, added dithering and 4 different dithering modes for you
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