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    I am here to learn new things about Paint. NET
  1. yes I did. But When I apply Glow... what should I put at Brightness and Contrast?
  2. Great tut! I have a problem. When I apply glow for 3 times that oval circle area transforms in white so I can't add the shine from the back.
  3. Thank you Sarkut! I don't know why I missed that! Here is my try... it may not be so good but it's a start
  4. I am stuck at step 3... I don't know what I did wrong... can someone help me please? Thanks!
  5. aristo


    Wow yellow man. This gallery is really wonderful. Congrats on making this fantastic pictures.
  6. This is my creation *BUT* I need help. I can't make that fur over the eyes. Can someone explains what means 'det" ? The person who made this post said this " Select everything outside the eyes and go to det first layer. " (step 4) I am sorry for that question but English is not my native language. Thank you!
  7. This is the new one... What do you think? I think I made something wrong..... Thank you so much for your tips and all you did to help me!
  8. Thank you! I understand but since this is my first try I still have some problems... I don't know what effects do you use to make your item look so good (step 7). Do you think you can help me again? Again, thank you for being so patient.
  9. This is my first try EVER and this is the first post that I saw. I tried to make it. I would LOVE to make that "yellowman" but I don't know how... SORRY for those lines but I want to use it for something so I don't want someone to steal it. Thanks for those tips!!!