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  1. cetchance51

    merging layers help

    Why is it always the simplest solutions that never come to mind? When someone tells you how to do it it's like: duh *slaps forehead*
  2. cetchance51

    merging layers help

    I never thought of that... See! It's always the obvious things I can never think of... LOL Thanks!
  3. When ever I have two seperate layers, the bottom layer is set to multiply the top layer is normal, and I try to merge them the top layer becomes set to multiply too. Is there anyway to fix this? p.s. I tried explaining the best I could, let me know if you still don't understand what I'm asking. *EDIT* Ok. I have tried moving the two layers I want to merge into another image and flattening it, but the finished image is just like merging the layers. Anyone know how to get around this annoying problem?