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  1. Great, thanks a lot! I look forward to the fix.
  2. Hi Simon, I can't get Upload To to work with imageshack (either with my account or with a non-account upload). I've been able to set up the plugin with my photobucket account, so I'm fairly sure I installed the dll's properly. (I have ImageShackUpload.dll and .pdb, SBCommon.dll and PhotobucketNet.dll all in my Effects folder. I've made sure they're all unblocked). I'm running PDN 3.5.5. and all the plugins come from your latest plugin pack (except the PhotobucketNet.dll, of course). There haven't been any crashes, so there are no crash logs to share. However, when trying to upload to imageshack I always get this error message: "Upload failed. Try again with a different site." When I try a non-account upload, these are my (minutely detailed) steps: I click "Edit Profiles..." and I create a new profile. I name the profile, and select imageshack from the pull-down menu. I uncheck "use account." I click "OK." Back on the "Select a site" window, I click the imageshack profile, then one of the sizes. It seems to be sending the data, but then I get the error message I mentioned at the bottom of the "Select a site" window. For an account upload, my process is the same up to leaving the "use account" option checked. I've tried both putting in my registration code (found on my imageshack profile page) and leaving it blank, but I'm always sent to the imageshack registration page. When I log-in, nothing happens with PDN. If I try to create a new account, nothing happens (other than me being stuck with an account I don't need.) If I try to upload anyway with PDN, I get the same error message as before. What am I missing? I've read every post in this thread and in the "Simon B's Plg Pack" thread, and haven't found any answers. I'm sure the failure is on my end, so I'm hoping you will show me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance.
  3. I recently found this plugin very helpful. Thank you and keep up the good work!