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  1. I meant for me upload on a new post, so that the moderator will go ahead and post it on the first post immediately. It saves time if I don't have to ask every time if it's OK to post it and then the moderator to have to reply and then wait for me to upload.

    In any case, I think I have mentioned all that I have found, for the time being, in their own topics. You can reply as you read them.

  2. @Ego Eram Reputo,


    The RotateText entry in the index on the first post (and on the pdf) says that "the dll named RotateTextSUI.dll is enhanced for larger displays".

    @dpy explains in his dpy's Plugin Pack topic that "If your display size is 1024x768 , please use RotateTextSUI.dll. (It is short size UI that decreased Text input box)".


    The same goes for Wave Text. SUI is optimised for smaller displays.

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  3. On 10/10/2017 at 7:51 AM, Ego Eram Reputo said:

    I've rehosted the PrintIt dll.


    The link in the first post should now take you to my Dropbox where the file can be downloaded.

    Unfortunately the Dropbox link does not work.



    I've found a saved copy of v.0.9.

    If it's OK I can upload the zip here to be posted on the first post.

  4. Thank you @Pixey, but the plugin you uploaded is v.1.0, which I already have. I would appreciate a copy of the latest version 1.1, released in August 2019 (see @MichaelVinther's last post above).


    I've returned to PDN and the forum after 18 months and the my priority is to update PDN (which I have) and my plugins. So, I go through the topics and download the latest versions of all plugins that have been updated since September 2018. One of the positive side-effects of the pandemic is that now I have a lot of free time.


    After that, I'll try to catch up with the rest of the forum and I may as well use my "tour" to report to the mods anything worth reporting.

  5. Another:



    19 hours ago, IHaveNoName said:

    ... The latter also has an interesting four quarters colouring facility which could be useful with a radial gradient too but unfortunately on both counts that tool does not support radial gradients.  

    One way to accomplish this, is to use a plain B&W radial gradient as a mask over a four-way gradient. I remember doing this a while back.

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