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  1. Oops! I created a bunch of vmars316 buttons/banners and saved them as .gif,.jpg.png and dumped them into SiteSpinnerPro. The transparent .png in question in SSP shows as black background as does the .jpg . But in chrome browser the .png is transparent. And of course the .pdn in pdn shows as grey/white checkerboard. Short version: I confused myself with so many images. All is well. Thanks.. vmars
  2. Thanks in advance: I notice that if i save an apparently 'transparent image' as .gif , it is truly transparent(no background). However, if I save that same 'transparent image' as .png , that it has a Black background. Pls, what am i not doing, that needs to be done, to make a transparent .png . Thanks.. vmars
  3. Ah yes, thar she be, great. I noticed that i dont really need to know image size, to make canvas size = image size, if i do the following: select textImage with mWand, then click on Image/'Crop to Selection'. But its nice to be able to see imageSize. Thanks.. vmars
  4. Thanks: Ah, zero tolerance, ok. Ah, the old rectangle tool (to me this is winging it). Pdn does a good job of reporting the exact height & width of canvas. But, I wish that pdn would also show the exact height & width of a selected Object. Then Image ReSize and Canvas Resize would be a cinch. Maybe pdn already does this, and i am just not seeing it. Thanks folks.. vmars
  5. Oops I am using the wrong term really want to reSize canvas to size of selection Thanks.. vmars
  6. Thanks in advance! I would like to crop to this image text: With magicWand i selected text then cntrl+shift+x to crop but maybe because of the diff in image colors(?) results are ugly: Pls, what is a better way to do this? .. vmars316
  7. Thanks, yes, thats pretty cool! .. vmars
  8. Ah, that's great! Btw: Sarkut What did you use to capture those pics(ts01.png, etc)? They are really crisp and clear. Here's what I came up with : By accident (while trying your bite-tut) I stumbled upon this: Thanks All ! .. vmars
  9. Thanks barbieq25 I want to move the whole thing, all layers, and get it out of the way of DropDown menus. Thanks.. vmars
  10. Thanks Sarkut for taking the time to do all that. What a great bite-size Tutorial ! Wish there were more like this. Thanks.. vmars
  11. 1) The Help says: << Pan Using this tool you can scroll, or pan through the image. This functionality is also usable from any other tool at any time: simply hold down the spacebar and then click and drag with the mouse. >> I tried that, but image doesn't move. I dont want the image to be bigger I just want to move it to the right. 2) When i select All, and leftMouseDown and Drag "the Move Selected Pixels too" the only thing that moves is a thin black wire frame of the image. Need help! Thanks.. vmars
  12. How to make this: look like this (gradient wise): This is as close as i get, cant get the gradient to work for me. I click on theWand and drag it across the image. Do i have to drag the gradient across the image too? I have tried it both ways. Could someone rattle this off for me, and either post results or send an email to me, so I can see the steps to take? Thanks.. vmars ps: another thing that throws me off is once i type in some text and go do a diff function I cant get back into same TEXT stuff (what ever its called), that i just created, to change font etc... As y
  13. Greetings; I am trying to recreate this button 'free ware' First i create a bg layer (how do I make bg transparent?) then create layer2 transparent then create layer3 transparent Right here, i don't understand why all layers show as blue background, except (if i uncheck bg) bg shows as blue checkerboard Then set primary color #E9E7C0 (for text) and also set secondary color #8C8038 Then back to layer3 and create text 'free ware' Then select/run GradientTool across text layer3. layer3 gets covered with gradient. I was expecting to see the GradientText (only) with gradient. Can so
  14. Thanks in advance! With the image i am working on: how can i grab hold of the image and move it around on the workspace? Thanks.. vmars
  15. Hmmm... When I click Cntrl+N the current image goes away and I end up with a new Blank image. I would like to see them side by side, both visible at once. Is this possible? Thanks.. vmars
  16. Thanks in advance: 2 issues: 1) I am confused by how the colorPicker(cp) works. I would expect: to move cp to color in ColorWindow that i want to pick, then click leftMouse. But when i move cp into colorWindow , cp changes to blackArrow. I have an image with no color white in it. So how do i get white into the cp.? 2) I would like to have more than one image to work on at a time(transfer stuff back and forth). I guess that i could have two copies of pdn running at same time. Thanks.. vmars
  17. Greetings; Pls, how to change 'solid color background" image to Transparent? Thanks...vmars316
  18. Sarkut; How to install?: I unZipped both of those zips in C:\Program Files\Paint.NET . Then restarted pdn, but i dont see then showing up anywhere. Where should i look for them or Pls, what else do i need to get them running? Thanks...vmars
  19. Greetings; I have a png image 118x50 and I want to increase its canvas size (to 153 x 192) and center image on the canvas. I don't seem to be able to move the image about as i would like to. THe image is just an ovalShaped plain button. And I would like to make everything except for the oval button part, Transparent. Pls, how can I do this? Thanks...vmars316
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