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    I love baseball oh well you can tell that by my nickname. i like the ft. myers miracle minor league the best.
  1. is sensitive to cyberbullying and locked topics, especially if she had a bad wing day.

  2. I don't know what you think, but these are downright unusual! Why are they even on here? Nobody uses them... or at least, I don't use them. Who put them on here? An evil fairy?! A witch?! If it was the website, I'm okay. Who drinks beer and wine at this age anyway? Ms. Walsh (6th grade Health teacher) says nobody should. And the BMW? This looks like a job for SuperUnicorn! jk!
  3. Warning: I am not the Oracle at Delphi. I may not solve your issues, so shushy bushy if you're going to bang yourself on the head with this website. Sarkut is probably right... That is the best I can do, except to say this: the program might be having technical issues, but don't report anything yet. How did you do it in the first place? I told you I wasn't the Oracle at Delphi! And if that's the case, maybe that's why I don't know what color orbidontknow is or if this is a boy or a girl . Caution: Above may contain jokes that nobody will figure out. Please do not try to solve this riddle
  4. Wow, thanks! Now I can post my pictures! I was just making plans for my birthday. Then i just got so bored that I went straight on the Internet. lol I drew a pretty picture of a singer at a baseball game. She's singing at the seventh-inning stretch. I even recreated a story I wrote when I was three, but it's not finished yet. It's about a plug like this one , a tree, a lamp, a mom, and a power outlet (i called it a thing). A vacuum cleaner sucks up everything in reach, and they have to get out! I revised it and am putting the pages in order on here. I'll come back tomorrow if I have the ti
  5. I mean that takes up lots of space and space could be the problem.
  6. Look, the warning was a fake one, but I put some good info in there. I've only had PDN for four months. Oh, did you know I use lots of colors in PDN?
  7. Warning: I don't know much as I am new to PDN. If this doesn't work, don't fret, because I'm not the Oracle at Delphi. Nobody's perfect anyway. You might want to use a different printing wizard or maybe use a different printer. Or you could try troubleshooting your printer. If this doesn't work, read the above message one more time.
  8. You better look at this if you love fantasy or sports or both. I like both. You are going to love this! I have a certain style I called Half-Manga. You can use whatever style you want...as soon as I figure out how to add pictures. Hey I have one here--my Avatar! See how I do the eyes and the mouth? That's how I draw sometimes. I drew my cat in Manga. I'll publish it on my website when I make it. You'll love it! She's a , and they her 4 it!
  9. Thanks so much. If I have any problems I'll get back to this topic ok? Does anyone else have any ideas? I'll be sure that when I'm 13 and I have a website I make it so that you guys can look at my designs they'll be cool. Oh by the way I just made a new signature
  10. Yup, that's it! I also would like to make animal costume templates in the same way. I like dress up with my cousins, and I just needed the extra help. So I want to know if you can do something like that on PDN.
  11. I think I saw that tutorial i don't know I'll take a look
  12. I want to create templates for fashions and animal costumes on Paint.NET and I don't know how. Do you need a different program for this?! Do I just sketch as usual?! HEEEEEELP! My parents and teachers don't know, and my friends don't even have Paint.Net! (clears thoat) I just need some help.
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