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  1. 24 hours. Show me your favourite pen.
  2. Well, I haven't seen one thread without something from you in the GTOE section of the forums... very famous.
  3. Green Day - Longview (Bullet In A Bible Version)
  4. No, I don't. Although I really haven't given it much thought. Would you be kind enough to tell me? EDIT: Okay, I googled it. Next subject!
  5. Ummmmm, what's with that? You need to put a link to the actual website that doesn't let you get off it. Give B00k W0rm a buzz and he'll give it to you. Otherwise, I have no idea what that post is all about.
  6. I still have no idea what interrobang means. Anybody help? EDIT: My funny picture:
  7. That is so EPIC. I mean the dude's drum kit. The song's pretty good, too. 7.5/10.
  8. Why would I do that? I'd put a whole Green Day theme all over it. That'd be awesome. But there's one slight problem... I don't like eggs. But I'm sure I'll be able to figure out something...
  9. I lost BIG TIME... Typical Family Guy. And B00k W0rm, I am happy you've changed your signature. I'm sick of seeing the other one...
  10. Yeah, my band uses SingStar mics plugged into a tiny Ashton amp at practice
  11. Or unless you illegally download software. Which isn't cool. But yeah, I would love to have the 'PDN' of video making software. Free, easy to use yet powerful. Everything seems to be the video equivalent of GIMP or regular Paint. Which is really annoying. And I've only downloaded plugins for transitions. So I don't know what makes WMM screw up. But I'll download VideoPad once I get more internet - used up almost all of it By the way, that's an awesome signature. How'd you create it?
  12. Ummm, asking how to quote? Pyro'll laugh his head off at you for that... you kinda just quoted me. And then asked how. My picture (not from failblog) is BACON DELIVERY VAN!!!
  13. I have them, but that takes out the sound completely... not very useful for the band. But those seem like a slightly better quality than what I have. Thanks, I'll have a look at them.
  14. I really want to figure out something to make my drum room slightly quieter... mum says my new drum kit is too loud. Any ideas? And it has to be cheap - I've just spent heaps on a new kit...
  15. In the game, the little arrow, controlled by you, flies around the page of your choice and vaporises anything that you shoot at. Images, hyperlinks, pretty much anything that isn't normal wording. And it's actually quite fun. As an example, I've destroyed this thread page. Sorry about the absence of your BMW. And could somebody pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase tell me how to quote? Anybody?
  16. Well, nobody has posted a picture of a guitar just as practical, yet better looking, than I had. So I'm leading the challenge at the moment. Clear enough?
  17. Awwwwww. I'm running XP, and it doesn't look like I'll be changing soon. By the way, how do you quote in this forum? I've tried but I get this: Ummm, any help, please?
  18. Okay, so it seems that guitar doesn't have much that'd make people want to see it being used... I'm still on top! Yay!
  19. We should get everyone on this forum to put a comment on that forum saying how awesome PDN actually is. And I don't actually see more than 3 ads and I don't see any big download buttons or carp that the PDN home page was accused of. Strange...
  20. Yeah, it really bugs me when people have incorrect grammar... Anyway, thanks for the link! But I might just wait a couple more years before I start making plugins... looks a little complicated right now
  21. FINALLY! Someone who likes Green Day as much as I do! Take that, B00k W0rm! I think 21CBD is just as good as American Idiot. But my favourite album is by far Bullet In A Bible. Another song to rate (my first non green day song on this thread, I think): Soooooooo much better than the Linkin Park original version...
  22. Can someone tell me how to quote? I hate coding... Awwwwwwww... Failblog pics are hilarious. But, a rule's a rule... My non-failblog picture: Aussies...
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