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  1. You really should have posted that in the 'inside joke' thread. csm put all the trouble into making it for you and you don't even use it... disgusting
  2. Is that some kind of joke? Who wouldn't want to pay for their mail!? Jokes, definitely free. RayWilliamJohnson or Tobuscus?
  3. This is really confusing me. And making me think that this thread is next to, if not, pointless. I LOVE POINTLESS STUFF!!! WOO! But yeah, I still don't know what any of this is about... which is probably a good thing...
  4. That is awesome... love the synths. 9/10. Keepin' with the 'remix'[ish] theme, here's my song, old, but awesome.
  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmm... yum. KFC. I want some.
  6. Or I know there is actually a plugin that I seem to have that allows you to edit text. I'm not too sure where I found it from, and the search doesn't seem to help much. But I'm sure someone will be able to tell you where to get it.
  7. How come it doesn't say that you've edited that post on the bottom? And if you did kidnap it, where would you keep it? That'd be one hell of a DIY project...
  8. Great tutorial. I tried to make it into the shape of the planet from Halo: Combat Evolved, but I failed miserably. Maybe I'll try again later...
  9. Giraffe? I didn't even think it was legal to eat that stuff. Sounds nice, though.
  10. KFC FTW! Okay, I actually like roast chicken. And eye fillet wrapped in bacon. It is sooooooo good.
  11. 9/10, one of the coolest synths around at the moment.
  12. YEAH! I love that song. But.... I prefer this version: Drumming Gorilla FTW!
  13. Big screen FTW!!! My school's just introduced a bunch of netbooks to the classrooms in addition to the computers and we're trialling the iPad, so I'm hoping we get them.
  14. Disturbed - Asylum (the album) It is awesome. Oh, and a lot of Green Day, too.
  15. Didn't know you liked coffee...
  16. Incredible tutorial. I love my outcome. That just looks so awesome. Thank you so much, Pyro!
  17. Well, those ones aren't actually too bad. I like Muse, Aerosmith and Lady Gaga, but to be honest, I haven't actually heard too much of the others. Oh, except for Pink. And if those are your favourites, you're correct. There's really no way to be bad at picking them.
  18. Why do I seem to be the only one posting pictures on this thread now? Everyone else is just saying that they lost... :S
  19. Are we breaking the rules if we put everything in square brackets? [and I am still playing the game...]
  20. For me it was the Alpaca. And the YMCA one. That one's funny.
  21. Yeah, I'm not a Killers fan either. I'm about as much of a fan as b00k w0rm is of Green Day. Who are EPIC with a capital... for everything. 8/10. 7 for the song and 1 because that band looks kinda like Disturbed. And cuz the drummer is awesome. \m/
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