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  1. That sucks? I love snow! Too bad there isn't any where I live... Oh well... I've still got the beach
  2. JEALOUS!!! I so want a phone as awesome as that... if only I could stop spending money on my drum kit
  3. lol... on the subject of 'what happens in...':
  4. Rant: When you're in a car and there are people who try to sing along to a song, even though they have no idea what the lyrics are... I hate when that happens.
  5. Oklahoma sounds funnier (no offence)... so that I'll go with Coca-Cola or L&P?
  6. lol... I'm getting really annoyed that this ad's never on anymore... Genuine Kiwi thinkin'. You gotta love it!
  7. I've still got more school. When are the holidays?!
  8. Well... you could type it up in a notepad type file as you work, so that if need be, you can then re-create the image, making any necessary changes. And if you make something really awesome, that would make writing a tutorial for it easy!
  9. is thinking of something witty to put as his status message

  10. I wonder how much the shipping would cost...
  11. Oh... now I get it. But for making cards, the plugin would be quite good...
  12. I've actually got a plugin that lets you edit text. Not sure who made it, so if it's you, could you please tell me? It'd be really useful. Here it is: Editable Text.zip
  13. Yeah... that's the thing... The Evo might be better than the iPhone, but the iPhone is... well, the iPhone. Damn Apple marketing...
  14. Sounds pretty good compared to Pyro's used tyres with Worcestershire on them, doesn't it?
  15. Okay, thanks. I am such a noob with coding...
  16. I like it. I like the 'big band' almost 'award-ceremony' type feel of it. 9/10
  17. Errrr.... yum? In actual fact, ignore this: Just pour that sauce on! Anyway... I'm kinda wondering what this does so.... EDIT: What is snapback? It doesn't seem to do anything.
  18. Well, it kinda depends how big the tires are and how much sauce he wants on them. Wait, are the tyres clean?
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