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  1. I actually liked the whole roaming thing... without the cops chasing you. But I also liked it with the cops. So maybe the creators should make a setting where you can choose.

    Anyway, I've just started playing Half-Life: 2. It is honestly the best PC game I've ever played. Though I've also started playing Portal, and that's quite good too.

  2. 1. What's my mood like right now?

    The Rules - Hoobastank

    2. How's tomorrow going to be for me?

    Basket Case - Green Day (Uh-oh!)

    3. What kind of person am I?

    The Kill (Bury Me) - 30 Seconds To Mars

    4. Am I loved?

    Emo - blink-182 (awwwwww)

    5. How can I achieve my highest potential?

    Take Back - Green Day

    6. What should I do with my life?

    Jail Break - AC/DC

    7. Is everything really going to be alright in the end?

    Never Say Goodbye - Bon Jovi

    8. What is my best quality?

    In A Hood Near You - Suni Clay

    9. How does my social life look?

    If I Were You - Hoobastank

    10. What's the meaning of life?

    Headstrong - Trapt

    11. What do people think of me?

    Vertigo - U2 (Just went to the U2 360° Tour - It was AWESOME!)

    12. How crazy am I?

    Tabloid Junkie - Michael Jackson

    13. Where will I be a year from now?

    Misery - Green Day (Damn. I don't like this thread ;) )

    14. What is my fondest wish?

    American Idiot - Green Day

    15. How did my parents meet?

    Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz

    16. What will I dream about tonight?

    Takes Me Higher (feat. Dane Rumble) - J. Williams (WOO! Go New Zealand music!)

    17. What should I be working on right now?

    Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce

    18. What's my roommate up to currently?

    The Celebration Song - Unwritten Law (Does that mean that this non-existent roommate's partying?)

    19. What did I do last weekend?

    Love Will Always Win - Opshop (Fantastic NZ Band)

    20. Describe me.

    Have A Drink On Me - AC/DC (YAY!)

    21. What does my music player think of me?

    So Bad - Eminem (LOL! SO typical... almost as bad as myoriah's no.19)...

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