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  1. That must suck... but it'd be better than my old school - it took (literally) 10 minutes to log on. And the system was so out of date, it was built for windows 98. And we were meant to be doing awesome stuff for the school- using Photoshop with a monitor the size of an air conditioning unit. Not to mention Photoshop was 4 years out of date. I pleaded to get PdN on there, but apparently, it's too expensive... the ICT teacher obviously thought I didn't know anything about that stuff...

  2. My friend is a Digital Media Design major and he needs a new laptop. He's planning on getting a MacBook Pro.

    Meh, too expensive for me.

    Why do people like Mac for design anyway? What's the reasoning??

    That my college says that for yrs 12 + 13 media studies, it is compulsory to have an Apple computer.

    But I have the winXP disc, so I guess I can use PdN and Steam on that... even though steam's on mac. boltbait.hmm.png

  3. 8/10.

    I LOVE the date thing. That is awesome.

    I find the picture a little too dark... maybe it's just my mood atm though...


    Windows XP FTW!

    Oh, I've put a little red arrow pointing towards a folder on the left, about half-way up the picture. If you can't see what it's called, it's titled, 'won't delete'. And that's because I can't delete a file in it, which seems to be an unrecognisable file that takes up 0 bytes. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it? It's been bugging me for a while now...

  4. Granted, but you're stuck in New Zealand forever, the worst place in the world.



    Yeah, it's terrible, isn't it; beautiful scenery, nice people, great food, awesome beaches, it sucks being here...

    No, I would actually love to be stuck here, there is no place anywhere in the world (and I mean that) that can match New Zealand. In any way.


    You have run out of money, so can't afford the flights to NZ. Or the 2011 Rugby World Cup. (Burn!)

    I wish for the year not to end.

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