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  1. Well, this one isn't too long... This song is by the best band in the history of punk rock. Well, actually music, but that would start a fight. This song is called Jesus, Of, Suburbiaaaaaarrrrrrrrr.
  2. I don't even get that one... EDIT: Ummm... okay, so many people have commented since this morning. I should refresh the page before posting I do get that one. But I'm a ninja, I DID NOT LAUGH. *evil laugh* Okay, maybe I did. But it had nothing to do with the picture. Sooo... on with my pic! WIN.
  3. I'm so sad that Halo: Reach isn't coming out on PC... yet. Combat Evolved was so awesome. And I don't have an XBox. I'm sticking with my PS3. But really, who agrees that it should come out on PC?
  4. @B00k W0rm, That actually isn't half bad for a newbie. Just next time maybe change the way the curves are done. (As in the actual adjustment, the shape is fine ) EDIT: Now that I look at it a bit more, it looks as though you used a conical gradient - I wondered if my explaining was detailed enough But I'd be interested to know how you did it. Now on with moi! After Step 10, I kinda forgot about the tutorial ( Typical me), so I added my own stuff after that. But it looks as though I did pretty much what was written My outcome:
  5. I cannot look at those pictures and not think of the 'Spray and Walk Away' ad. I lost. But B00k W0rm (or mace-face, whichever), I've seen them. A lot. EDIT: My picture(s):
  6. Lovin' that gaussian blur+! And I don't know what I would do without Bevel...
  7. I got the same problem as you. But the problem went away when I deleted the original alignplugin.dll and replaced it with the one that was in the .zip file. Now, it works perfectly, and I reckon that it is almost as essential as BoltBait's Pack or Pyrochild's Plugins.
  8. The drum kit is way better in Rock Band - it has cymbals. And I'd easily go with PS3.
  9. Green Day - American Idiot (Bullet In A Bible Version) That song is made for live.
  10. I so wanna iPhone 4... But non-electronically, I want this: I would do anything for Dylan Elise's drum kit... What drummers out there agree with me?
  11. Nice tutorial. I found it really easy to follow. I would post my outcome, but PDN didn't save the file properly, so I can't open/upload it.
  12. Epic tutorial. One of the best outcomes I've had! My attempt:
  13. I really don't see this guitar as being very practical. You can play either left or right handed. So if you're not seriously good at playing with both, one side's gonna make you play much worse than you could. But it does look pretty cool.
  14. Good tutorial. Here's what I created (I changed a number of things, but the idea was from your tutorial);
  15. Here's my go (by the way, that's an awesome tutorial):
  16. @Sfifer, It's Bille Joe Armstrong. Y'know, the one from Green Day? His white guitar is the most awesome one ever. Except for this one: That guitar is truly unbeatable. Actually, I'd like to see someone post a pic of a guitar that does beat this one. I challenge you...
  17. Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere. Although this is the version where at about 1:09, Will Ferrel comes in randomly bashing a cowbell and putting Green Day off Love it!
  18. @yy10 I just read that! I quite liked it, actually...
  19. Why do you need something other than WMM? It does everything you need... and more if you install plugins. And I really can't find many good free ones. But I'm sure there's something out there. Just keep searching ;-)
  20. Billie Joe Armstrong signature! Okay, it isn't really a beginner's one, but it is so damn awesome. Not to mention it's used by the meanest guitarist ever.... BJA ftw!
  21. Basshunter - Now You're Gone. I'm gonna be hated for putting that in... Why does everyone seem to hate Basshunter? His songs are awesome (Well, I think so).
  22. Where's Google Chrome? If it was there, it would definitely have my vote...
  23. You can change the camera... But you are right- Crash Bandicoot wasn't quite as good in PS2, although Twinsanity and the Wrath Of Cortex Are still two of my all-time faves.
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