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  1. Hello PDN community, been a while since I last posted here. I have some photos which I need to measure certain marks on it. I want to have some measuring ruler which can be placed on one end and dragged all the way to the other end to get a measurement with centimeters. Also, a compass and a protractor would be very helpful. If any of you played/is playing Silent Hunter 5 you'll probably know what I'm talking about. thanks in advance.
  2. each time I fire up PDN this pops up, much like PS4 trial screen. Anyway to stop it?
  3. Hey fellas, Any ideas on how to remove or disable the 3.7 update bug? it's killing me and caused a 3.5 net fw redownload and the software wont start because of it..
  4. Newbie trials folks so bear with me> My project was based on the movie Shooter, and I kinda had this idea: A snowy background, with a perfectly hidden enemy: But where is the enemy? Well, we'll put one in, but first, the sniper scope. This was a wip, and with a bit of tweaks and cropping, gaussian + and inverse elliptical selection: Oh, and there is our enemy: Obviously he got his brains iced by the time we got this pic SHOT Now for the Rifle and the tweaks: But he had oakley gloves on him at the movie, as well as MOA handles for scope: But this is the cartoonish version of Shooter. How about some realism? Film effect> works wonders.... Tell me what you think and sorry if its in the wrong section Peace
  5. here is what happened.. this is the WIP with few additions: WIP with bolt, snowy gloves, and fingers and dirt: final with lomography effect: final with film effect: :pizza::coffee: tell me what u think folks... I think film effect is the best but I couldnt get the blood more visible.. you can play with them if you are interested and use them for even greater looks.. me casa su casa
  6. thanks guys for the cheering and the extra help. will get right on it. :mtdew:
  7. using color picker choose white.black. then press f8 to close palette then press Ctrl + A then press F then press on areas of same colour other than main event where you want to die white.. you should have coloured your background white. if youre on a empty canvas, with checker b/g same applies. if some areas are not painted, hover over and repeat. if there is lines or irregularities, you can increase tolerance % at the bars above the work area.. hope this helps..
  8. thanks for the reply. I created this using import layer. Its a bit unfinished, but I'm inspired from the movie "Shooter".. I was hoping to create a GIF leading up to this, but my level is soo rookie, maybe later.. the scope needs some touchup with the rifle body, instead of the usual 80s movie screens.. this is only a WIP.. tell me what you think..
  9. Hello folks, this is my first post to this great forum, and while it seems a walk in the park, Paint.NET in my case isnt.. I am working on a GIF project, and it revolves around a sniper scope, the scene is around and inside the scope, only that outside the scope, I'll blur the corners starting from outside the scope to the borders of the image.. the background could be pasture or snowy... all objects are made by paint.net, the target, the background elements of trees, animals, deers for example.. I kinda lost my way here.. if you get the picture, how do I create a sniper scope template, and use it more than once in succession for the images to be compiled into a single GIF animation.. Sorry if that has been posted before, but I'm beginning to like paint.net and I think the interface is easier to use than photoshop, and its for free too..
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