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  1. Thank you Rick for the update, some nice fixes and updates. I love this program. The problem with the tools list showing as blank if you "open file with paint.net" from the explorer context menu, is still their though.
  2. Hmm! very strange, happens every time for me. must be my machine, unless someone else can replicate it? I have updated the program a few time just latley over the top of eachother So maybe if I uninstall and install it fresh, may clear it up. Are the images working now ?
  3. I apologise if this has been found and discussed already, but i couldn't see any post that may have referred to this particular bug. Anyway... when i use Paint.net i always turn off the Tools window, and just have it as a drop down menu instead. So if I run Paint.net from my taskbar all is fine as you see here. But If i right click on a file from the windows explorer and choose "open with - Paint.net" this is what happens... I hope this helps Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
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