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  1. Sorry to take so long to reply but it has taken me this long to uninstall Paint.Net, reinstall it, and then do some more digging which leads me to believe that my problem was a corrupt .Net framework. I have repaired that and now your plugins are working fine. Thanks for the reply though and also for the excellent plugins!
  2. Ah sorry, I think this must not be related to your plugin, I just tried installing another one and have the same issue. I'll investigate further...
  3. Hi, I have just installed Paint.Net Final Release build 3.510.4297.28964 using default settings on Win 7. I downloaded your zip file, extracted contents to a folder on the desktop and then copied the .dll files in to the "effects" folder under the paint.net installation. Then I started up paint.Net however I don't see any of your scripts appearing when I open "Effects" in the menu. So I tried closing paint.Net, deleting all your .dlls from the effects folder, clearing my browser cache downloading the zip again and repeating the process but no joy. I am specifically interested in the "Sc
  4. Thanks for the suggestions folks. The Overliner plugin achieved the effect I was after. Cheers.
  5. Apologies, I haven't updated for some time but have done so now. The attached image is the one in question. Basically I want to be left with just the red lines on a transparent background but they need to be thickened up so they do not appear broken. The same question applies to simpler images as well. E.g. if I had a single straight line on a plain background, can I make it thicker? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I have been unable to find an answer in the forums to my problem which is this:- I have an image which is similar to a white spider's web centred on but slightly rotated to a red spider's web on a solid background. I want to delete the solid background so it appears transparent and delete the white web so all that is left is the lines of red on a transparent background. I used the Magic Wand and Global flood mode to remove the white web and background but the red lines are very thin and broken now. Is there any easy way to just nudge the thickness up enough to make them more solid? Or i
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