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  1. Thanks Rick! I noticed this since a week ago. Thought it was a problem with just webpngs again from fandom but I guess this is a bigger problem.
  2. I thought fandom wikia was doing something funny with transparent images recently but when I copy pasted a gif image into paintdotnet, the transparency turned into a black background. I think it has to do with the program itself but maybe I'm wrong.
  3. I notice one of the things that takes a while for me to do a piece is lighting and shading. When I use the layer function, it cuts 50% of my time working on the piece. If I had a implement that didn't take so long to blur/erase mistakes/layer-function in my process things would be easier. If there's a good thing that photoshop has and pdn lacks, it's the burn and dodge tool.
  4. Oh, that's a shame. I rather like the fill tool, but I guess you have reasons.
  5. Stranger in La la land.

  6. Holy! The callout tool will be perfect for comic artists! You have outdone yourself, Rick Brewster.
  7. Thanks guys! Also looking forward to the selection tool's update as well, looks like 4.0's a bright future.
  8. I've been awaiting the 4.0 update for quite a while now. Very excited. Though I hope in the future there's a chance for us to install textures into the fill tool selection bar. It's such a nifty tool in the paint program.
  9. I find it tedious that everytime I'm painting my art on this program, I have to constantly 'gaussian blur' to make the images quality. If there was a way to soften brushes and erasers, this program would be better. Will there ever be a chance for this to happen in a future update?
  10. I've recently been loving the 'fill color' tool right next to the brush width choice. So I've been wondering, why hasn't anyone tried tooling around with brushes in that particular area? Adding brushes there would be so much easier than adding a plug-in for effects. Just sayin'.