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  1. Thanks! In my experience it doesn't really feel like an Alpha build, i have only come across one error! It is a massive improvement over 3! There isnt a way that im currently aware of to keep the old version when installing 4 so id wait till things settle (I have the portable version of 3.5 though, just incase)
  2. Disabling Anti Aliasing might help in the future aswell
  3. First image made with PDN4!!!!!!
  4. Pretty sure im not alone when i say i just wet myself a little. Installing it now, backed up the current version just incase things go pear shaped Gonna post up my first PDN 4 image soon
  5. To be honest, im not really too fussed, anything that iv put online i have been very careful with, most of my very personal details are just faked. And in reality, what has google got on people that they want to be private?
  6. Really love the angel wings, i will definatly be using these in a photomanipulation one day!
  7. Great stuff! Will come in handy one day im sure! (What with my abuse of 'Cross Processing')
  8. Thank you! I always feel that after a month my thought processes change and i end up making some totally new things, yet still maintain the design consistency that my other work has. Also, i have loads of other work done in PDN that i have for my Graphic Design A Level portfolio, its much different to what you usually see under the Basspixel alias and its a whole other section of my creativity, and still all PDN! Ill put up a couple of examples here That second is is a pretty creative use of my instagram inspiration pictures! Also my apologies for not being so active on the rest of the fo
  9. Try change the anti aliasing mode on the eraser, its on the right of brush width, that might help, but the AAs assistant plugin is also very cool for this stuff
  10. Its been a long while but i have been hard at work with more designs, the quality has really stepped up now, im working on bigger canvasses and spending more time perfecting all of the elements, ensuring compositional balance and getting extra brownie points Got some huge projects underway, a website, graphics packs, texture packs, all sorts of devious (and probably illegal) marketing ideas, and of course, continuing to save people from being ripped off!
  11. This is absolutely stunning. *Serious Fangirling And Im A Dude*
  12. I wasn't looking specifically for a PDN plugin, more of a "web resource i could screenshot" sort of thing. Im going to have a more in depth dig about inkscape, and see if i could find a kind of compromise with that (I wont ever leave PDN though! (In fact i already have Photoshop but i much prefer PDN)) I am definatly going to figure out the Paper Kaleidocycle plugin Midora, just installed it now! Looks very promising! Thanks for all the help guys/gals!!!
  13. I really like the zoom blur effect on the red and blue stuff (colour aberation?)
  14. There was a relatively new thread regarding a very effective technique for something just like this. Okay so this is not 100% what you are looking for, but it is really really good, and all you would need to do is a little linework to finish it off. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/26921-get-the-digitally-painted-look/
  15. Okay so this is a concept i've had in my head for a while now and im pretty sure its unoriginal enough that someone has already done it, but i cant find anything of the sort anywhere! Ideally i would want a 3d shape/wireframe generator where you can edit the number of points and the depth of stuff and other such details. Then be able to export it as a high quality PNG which can then be thrown into PDN or wherever. I have seen things come tantalisingly close to this in some Chrome Experiments but still nothing to what im looking for. Just thought id share my plight here incase any of you know
  16. That is an excellent point right there!
  17. I think the manual steps are probably better than using plugins, manipulating text yourself is a great way to make your work more unique
  18. My ram holds up pretty well most of the time, its the CPU which is a problem, a mere i3 processor, with an equally pathetic Intel Integrated graphics chip. I see nothing wrong with simple screenshot tutorials though
  19. Thanks allot for this! Just realised how easy it actually is to get started with plugins
  20. You can probably adapt one of the many Glass Text Tutorials to your dock shape and it should work okay. Id suggest spending allot of time playing with glows, blurs, and gradient transparency once you get the jist of things
  21. Okay so i am a computing/graphics student with reasonable coding abilities with PASCAL (no idea why i had to learn that at college). I know that probably won't help me at all when it comes to building plugins but what are the recommended skills to learn to be able to start experimenting with plugin creation? Purely for the sake of curiosity
  22. Right now, my favourite font that i have would be Pacifico, with a some basic manipulation is a gorgeous font! Most of the work i do with the crazy logos are very loosely based on fonts, or sketched out by hand and scanned into PDN. I used to have a massive collection of minimal fonts, but iv narrowed it down to a few, they all look the same pretty much, and i end up editing the type styles most of the time! My dream font would have to be Fan Script, its a paid font and im hoping to get it soon! If only my laptop could handle video recording and PDN at the same time! Maybe one day! But i ca
  23. The huge variation of colour in your works is overwhelming, however it is so perfectly balanced! I reckon you would love the colour schemes on - https://kuler.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/
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