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  1. As the title says, just a small niggle i have when im working on big projects. When i create a new layer, or duplicate a layer, the scroll position resets back to the beginning of the window. Not a huge problem, but it doesn't occur when deleting, so it might just be a few lines to implement? Its only a small thing, but it would be a nice small thing when implemented
  2. Deadlines are looming so i haven't had much time for anything besides my college work!
  3. One of my college pieces! What tutorial would you all want to see from me? I can try my best to get one for you before the new year!
  4. The start of my font list - http://i.imgur.com/2m8LNjy.png Fonts shown in PDN 3 compared to 4 - http://i.imgur.com/OYeE0gj.jpg Are OTF fonts the problem ones?
  5. Everythings going at a real slow pace now, being kept so busy with my college work, and university applications! Ill post up some stuff i have done for college too!
  6. Some good stuff here, maybe spend more time on your particles, have a play with Dents on those layers
  7. Cheers! Luckily i still have the older version of PDN through Liberkey, so i can use that
  8. Only noticed this recently, almost half of my fonts aren't appearing, doesn't seem like it differentiates between OTF and TTF, and i dont have that many fonts either, not sure what other information i can provide, my PDN beta is up to date
  9. Been hard at work on the next set of graphics, been spending much more time on each work now, everything from here on out is PDN4! Got more nearing completion, and some extra surprises in the pipelines!
  10. Had a strange selection esque shape appear when shrinking an image from the canvas down down to what you see there, went away after i was done with the selection and selected a different layer, just thought id show yall PS: That new artworks finished now, you'll see it soon! PSS: Yes i have Photoshop, only use it for printing with the big expensive 'Photoshop Only' photo printers at college PSSS: I could do with some Dropbox referrals, running low on space PSSSS: My blunt search for inspiration on a different project led me to google PSSSSS: I think today was a good day for naming la
  11. "Solitary" is inspiring to me! Might give something like that a go
  12. This has boundless potential for every PDN user, definatly going to be delving into this masterpiece!
  13. Those rooms are so well done i wouldn't have thought anything but a 3D modeller could produce them, really great stuff!
  14. From the description, this seems to be the same problem i have been having, ill try and get a video myself
  15. I was using a couple of pyrochilds plugins in PDN4 while making the sig, for some reason i found it hilarious when they crashed and i had to start again! Oh the irony!
  16. Less is more Jitter and Trail make a special appearance
  17. High Res Wood Texture Stock A quick thing i put together, that second image had inspired me so i went off designing something else, so this isn't really finished but its almost presentable
  18. Thanks allot! Just started playing with sculptris and this is definatly a tool i will be using in the future, it even runs smoothly on my laptop! Ill show you guys some stuff i made when i get some time!
  19. Yep its a face, that sort of atomic style iv been wanting to do for quite some time, but there is no easy way of doing it other than many long hours of line tooling and brush dotting! This one only took me about 20mins, but its very rough and raggedy I couldn't look at it after i did it, i felt like i was hallucinating haha! Im thinking of doing a range of things in this style for my A2 level graphic communication course aswell!
  20. A rough WIP of something i have been working on a little today, going to introduce allot of colour into this, for now its pretty minimal
  21. I cant describe it but sometimes my magic wand totally trips out, it would select an area not even remotely close to what i wanted, seems like others are having this issue, i dont know how i caused it though
  22. Theres a right angled triangle, an isosceles triangle, but no equilateral?
  23. Thats what i do now, "using the little knob thingys to invert it" wasn't a very good description hahaha
  24. A little thing i thought that could be useful in PDN 4, as i am aware there isn't an in built feature for flipping a selection, without cutting it out and flipping the layer and then moving it back into place, or using the little knob thingys to invert it. Just a thought
  25. Great stuff from Welshblue, Barbieq, Pixey, Skullbonz and Dug! Great technical execution with these!
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