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  1. Thank you! Some of my clients get the designs printed themselves, and i have been researching shirt printing, it will happen one day! The ideas literally just appear in my head! Allot of the time i dont even sketch, i work straight in PDN. Tutorials are on my to do list! In the meantime, this may help answer your question:
  2. I'm mainly using facebook for the exposure, i get allot of my clients from facebook so a like does seem to go a long way. Behance also compresses images, however the full quality versions of the files can always be found on my website And thank you, i love the support i get from this forum!
  3. I love your style, its so sketchy, but the proportions are full of a character i rarely see
  4. Its always a relief to release my new work! This easter break iv got allot of time to get allot of graphics done, then its exam season so you will be seeing even less of me than before New pack coming soon, a geometric shapes one, which will be followed by a wood texture one
  5. Loving your work, any pointers on how i could go about creating models like that in blender?
  6. Just to chime in my bit, with a few brushes, allot of time and some rapid copy and paste skills, i reckon that would take one with experience a few hours to bring to a presentable stage
  7. Finally an update! My free downloads are going great so there will be more of those to come! Coming soon is a geometry based wallpaper pack, and a wood texture pack (courtesy of welshs epic tutorial, which you can find here) In other news i am prepping some major theme changes on the website, and theres a cool series of college work ill be outing in the coming weeks!
  8. Thanks guys, ill look into it One last thing, i dont think its possible, but could a non standard plugin have its own shortcut set to it?
  9. Cheers haha, would it be possible from a plugin / third party program perspective?
  10. Im thinking of getting a new mouse, my current one is too small. Something i was curious about was if PDN has any programmable functions that can be assigned to extra mouse buttons, and if not, if it will ever be added to the dev list? It would be quite cool to assign a plugin like 'center object' to a mouse button or something like that. My main question is if it would EVER be implemented, if thats the case then ill look more into some more funky mice.
  11. I love the depth in your works, the sense of a 3D space is something that eludes me in my own pieces
  12. Creating things like that when you are only twelve is a great thing! Just think of what you will be capable of in a few years! I started when i was 11, im almost 18 now
  13. Aghhh i can't comprehend the amount of thought and effort that must go into your pieces! That puppy is adorable!
  14. Hey, your work is truly excellent, so very well composed! And i get a sense of Deja Vu when i see some of your works, do you have a behance page?
  15. Oh snap that is pretty awesome! Whether its possible i have no idea, it definitely wont be easy though
  16. New designs up now, with a new personal favourite - Thizgrace! Thanks Welsh :3 Been busy but im still finding time to get these new graphics done, the next thing on my to do list is a proper tutorial, it will probably take me ages but it'll be quality! It most likely will be a tutorial on creating particle 'explosions' and getting depth into them, its a pretty simple method so it shouldn't be too long
  17. Hey guys, finally got around to updating this thread! And boy is this an update! My three latest works are without a doubt my best yet, and there is so much more goodness coming your way! I have just made my new Basspixel website public, and to kick things off i have given out a free download pack of textures made in PDN! Now that things are up and running, i can begin to work on tutorials and more download packs, so if you guys want anything specific from me, just ask! It would be great if you would head over to my website, the link is in my signature! Also, for those of you wh
  18. Oh snaaaap, how could i not have spotted that, iv bloomin used it before aswell! Cheers peoples
  19. So heres a feature request i've not seen mentioned before: So ive made a selection, and this is at the bottom bar thingy What if i could click on the numbers and type my own dimension in? Just putting it out there before i forget
  20. Write your text out in your chosen colour, duplicate the layer, run gaussian blur on the duplicated layer, fiddle with the blur amount and it should produce that result almost exactly If not try the 'Glow' plugin
  21. I do sometimes, i usually post up the full versions of the designs and send the clients all the different versions
  22. I would say 90% of my work is made in PDN, i occasionally use Sculptris and sometimes sample from stock imagery, upon request from my clients. Got two new works ready to put up!
  23. Something i intended to be quite reserved and minimal, ended up on a streak that set it on fire!
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