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  1. Your work is so vibrant and complex! How do you do the complex wire-like shapes? I think i see some polar inversion but im not sure
  2. The plugins "Make Transparent" and "AAs Assistant" coupled with some layer duplication will also work wonders if things get too messy for brightness / contrast to handle
  3. I did a smidge of research on that processor, and while it should work fine with PDN, i wouldn't give it canvases the size of 3200x. I have a relatively new i3 laptop and a canvas that big would run the processor dry. maybe separating your large image up into chunks which you save and work on individually would be a safer solution that cropping and uncropping.
  4. Just put together a few of my homemade smoke textures I'll be releasing them for download in the summer
  5. New stuff up, exams are right around the corner so it'll be a while till theres anything new, but expect allot to come this summer!
  6. Maybe to help put things into perspective, im using PDN 4 with an i3-370m processor [integrated graphics] and when idle PDN is using around 6%, when rendering anything it shoots right up to 100% until its finished [3000x1688 canvas].
  7. Excellent tut, i whipped this up quickly, click for the full picture
  8. I use it as a hobby, for personal experience, for fun, for work and for college I will soon be using it in conjunction with Cinema 4D
  9. Love the editing on the EP cover! Added that into my inspiration bookmark folder
  10. Its been mentioned before, change the quality from bilinear to nearest neighbor (at the top left) when pasted for a temporary fix
  11. Lines // Dents // Kaleidoscope // Tweaking May use this one day in some free work, otherwise it will never see the shine of the interwebs and be doomed to a hard drive
  12. So i decided to start organising my fonts with the program Font Manager, and i found when disabling "Application Fonts" and/or "System Fonts" they would still show in PDN4 with a little warning sign after reloading the program, and then cause a crash if selected.
  13. Im leaning more towards it all being one case, so lowercase, its just a nice bit of consistency
  14. Another method would be to type your text as large as it is possible then use 'layers' 'rotate/zoom' and zoom to the wanted size. then use a feather plugin like AAs assistant to neaten up the edges
  15. I dont think its ever occurred to rick, Paypal is the simplest way. There isn't much need for anonymous super secure donations here so its probably never really been considered
  16. Seconded, just thought that those four were almost essential for anyone looking to ease the workflow a little I also add to the list: AAs Assistant, Tile Image, Color tint, Outline Selection, Bevel selection
  17. Excellent idea, i second this, ill pop it in the requesty part of the forum
  18. Oh right, that one was pretty complex, but in short i merged together a pretty face, a skull, and some lizard bits May do a quick tutorial on the methods and release the PDN one day
  19. Terminator face? Which one is that?
  20. Love the particle effects in "Beckoning Light"!
  21. Thank you! And yes, they are all made in Paint.Net, heres a new one i just finished earlier today
  22. Seconded, i am having this issue aswell, didn't know how to explain it properly haha
  23. Thank you! Theres a high quality (3000x1688) image link here, that 400x thumbnail is far too small haha http://i.imgur.com/tJZdT4H.jpg Its says "Justins Beard", strange i know ahah! That used to be one of my goals when i first started with complex pieces! Now it just happens naturally, but sometimes flat is best!
  24. Okay i know this has been touched on before, and turned down, but my question is a little different. When PDN4 is released, why not market it more openly as a modern software package? The website you download it from feels very oldschool, and things could be so much better! Now im not saying a NEW logo, just a few improvements over the current one, you know, to bring it up to todays trends. The new site could be really simple, and nobody has to actually "build" it (of course maintenance is involved), there are plenty of themes out there that are so raw you can't even tell they are themes!
  25. I would say its my turn to be speechless! If i remember correctly I have been using Paint.Net since is was around 10, so ive had almost seven years of learning experience with it! In these most recent years, i have gone quite far with it, to the point where every other week i look back at my work and think "Eurgh". And you are quite right, sometimes it does take me weeks to perfect a project. But sometimes, i get a project done in 20 minutes! Because i have been using Paint.Net for so long, my workflow is uninterrupted. What i see in my minds eye can be on the canvas as soon as i know how to
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