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  1. Well, I've added a Noise to each Layer... but your right maybe I should do it one more. :roll:

    And I've did with size 2000x2000 and resized it smaller ;) I have it now as my Screensaver cause I can't stop looking on it... It's really realistic :toof:

  2. I think yhe Idea is good... you can make a lot with it even lide your own name on visit cards,letters or something but I don't know for what I could use it... :/

    But here's my outcome :D


  3. Hey

    I'm very new in Paint.net but I love this tutorial. You guys have all so great results... I've tried it so often ( really often ! with letters, circles... ) But I can't get an good looking result :/ The funny thing is, on every try, I made different mistakes. Forgot layers, used false plugins... so I'm still trying to draw in 3 Dimensions and if I get anytime an result nearly goodlooking like yours, I will post it ;)

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